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  • Dan
    Education at Harvard and Georgetown
    10+ Years Experience Independent Counselor
  • Anjali
    Education at U.C. Berkley and NYU
    10+ Years Experience Lawyer & Independent Counselor
  • Lorainne
    Education at UCLA and Savannah
    10+ Years Experience Independent Counselor
  • Richa Saklani
    Education at I.I.M and ST. Stephens Delhi
    10+ Years Experience Career guidance, Admission Counselor
  • Martin Walsh
    Former Assistant Dean of Admissions at stanford university
    12+ Years Experience Graduate Admissions
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Testimonials for Counselors

Dan encouraged revolutionary changes in our son’s study habits. His academic and SAT score increases
made him a much more competitive applicant. We are thrilled that he is now attending Villanova University on a track and field scholarship.
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Parent of a Villanova Freshman
This past year, I had the pleasure of working with Dan to prepare for college admissions. Dan holds
degrees from Harvard University and Georgetown Law School. Most important, he is a natural born teacher. His manner is warm and helpful and he patiently conducted our sessions in a most efficient manner. He built confidence in my ability to deal with this intense college process. As I continue in my journey as a student I am aware of the fruits of his guidance and instruction. And I don’t believe there is a better college advisor and tutor than Dan.
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Freshman at NYU
Professor Catherine's keen sense of wit and exemplary standards greatly enabled me to achieve my dream
school~ Princeton University ~ September 2016! Her organized structure with stringent essay due date deadlines and insight into prospective college interview question preparation was totally spot on! Ms.Catherine eased the writing of the many supplemental admission essays with many first ,second and third drafts, from July through October! What an investment! Brava!
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College Bound Scholar
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