Feedback and Testimonials for Parents and Students who opted for College Admission Counselling and Admission Consulting Services from Stoodnt.

Puja Mathur (admits at Carnegie Mellon, Columbia, University of Wisconsin and University of Maryland)

My experience with Stoodnt has been highly positive. The biggest issue I was facing before starting the MS application process was narrowing down the universities and the insights provided by my counsellors greatly helped in clearing this confusion.

The right guidance throughout the application process, which included shortlisting the colleges, proof reading my essays and constant encouragement, helped me secure great admits to universities such as CMU, Columbia University, University of Wisconsin and University of Maryland. I would highly recommend the services of Stoodnt to all future aspirants and I can't thank the counsellors at Stoodnt enough (Mr. Ajay Singh, Mrs. Richa Saklani and team) for my awesome admits!

Susmita Bhowmick (UDC admit with partial scholarship)

Tanmoy is one of those persons who would shortlist universities based on your interests as well as your future career potential.

He provided relevant resources for all the SOPs and lots of tricks and methods for writing my CV making it compact and sum up all my skills and interests neatly.

In terms of flexibility, I couldn’t have asked for more. He was patient but consistent with all the tasks at hand and always kept in mind the time and schedules and helped us to reach the criteria without much hassle.

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Sumit Verma (admits at Cornell, Georgia Tech, Rice)

More personalized feedback is a clear standout in working with professional admission consultants.

The help from Tanmoy (and Team Stoodnt) in making me understand how to modify my SoP and playing to my strengths brought a lot of clarity in the process.

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Kautilya Madhav (admits at UT Dallas, UConn)

Initially, I did not know where to start with the SoP but after the 60-minute initial SoP session I had with Tanmoy, it really cleared my doubts and gave me a great outline to work with. Also, he made sure I was the one writing the SoP and telling my story, he just guided me along the way.

My overall experience was very smooth and organized. I exactly knew what to expect and what is required from my side.

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Ishank Sharma (admit at Rutgers University)

Professor Sajed’s experience of academia and Ajay’s genuine insights on admission process enabled me to secure several admits. Personal guidance sessions with my advisors and their prompt response to my queries benefited me in universities selection, admission essays evaluation, and post-admission preparations. Thank you, Stoodnt team, in guiding me through various stages of my graduate school applications.

Moumita Mitra Mondal (admit at University of Zurich)

It was quite a daunting process for me as I was returning to work after a maternity gap of 2 years. Thanks a lot to Team Stoodnt for help with my CV and SOP. It was a great experience working with them.