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Bioinformatics Specialization

Offered by the UC San Diego. In this course, you will begin Journey to the Frontier of Computational Biology and Master bioinformatics software and computational approaches in modern biology. 14,362 already enrolled!

Genome Sequencing

Offered by UC San Diego, you'll learn how to apply popular bioinformatics software tools to sequence the genome of a deadly Staphylococcus bacterium that has acquired antibiotics resistance. 13,033 already enrolled!

Comparing Genes, Proteins & Genomes

Offered by UC San Diego, This course covers comparing of two short biological sequences like Genes or Proteins and entire genomes, Use of top bioinformatics software tools to solve problems. 8,835 already enrolled!

Genomic Data Science Specialization

Offered by Johns Hopkins University. Enroll and be a next-generation sequencing data scientist and Master the tools and techniques at the forefront of the sequencing data revolution. 18,396 already enrolled!

Introduction to Genomic Technologies

Offered by Johns Hopkins University, Here you'll introduce to the basic biology of modern genomics, experimental tools, Central Dogma of Molecular Biology. 4.5 (1938 ratings), 35,601 already enrolled!

Statistics for Genomic Data Science

Offered by Johns Hopkins University, Course covers statistics behind the most popular genomic data science projects. You'll gain the skills of Statistics, Data Analysis, R Programming, Biostatistics. 17,713 enrolled!

Bioinformatic Methods I

Offered by the University of Toronto. Bioinformatic Methods I, deals with databases, Blast, multiple sequence alignments, phylogenetics, selection analysis, and metagenomics. 4.7 (844 ratings), 71,866 already enrolled!

Bioinformatic Methods II

Offered by the University of Toronto. Bioinformatic Methods II will cover motif searching, protein-protein interactions, structural bioinformatics & cis-element predictions. 4.7 (225 ratings), 22,365 already enrolled!

Big Data, Genes, and Medicine

Offered by Open SUNY, In this course, you'll learn exciting facts about the human body biology and chemistry, genetics, and medicine that will be intertwined with Big Data. 4.2 (132 ratings), 16,278 already enrolled!

Genomics: Decoding the Language of Life

Offered by the University of Illinois, You willl discover how scientists use Genomics to develop sustainable food, fuel supplies, improve disease treatment, prevention, and protect our environment. 13,006 already enrolled!

Data Science in Precision Medicine

Offered by University of Edinburgh, Course covers Sequence Processing, Image Analysis, Network Modelling, Probabilistic Modelling, Machine Learning, Natural Language Processing, Process Modelling. 5,763 already enrolled!

Health Informatics (Clinical Perspective)

Offered by The Columbia University, This course geared towards physicians, nurse practitioners, physician assistants, nurses, clinical executives, managers and medical assistants. 4.6 (130 ratings), 6876 already enrolled!