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Data Science at Scale

This course covers data science topics including scalable SQL & NoSQL data management solutions, data mining algorithms, practical statistical & machine learning concepts. 4.0 (1,146 ratings) 11,456 already enrolled!

Ruby on Rails Web Development

Become a Rails Developer! Course covers the fundamentals of full-stack web development using Ruby on Rails, SQL and NoSQL databases, HTML/CSS, and Javascript. 4.7 (9,758 ratings) & 37,447 already enrolled!

Server-side Dev. with NodeJS & MongoDB

This course deals with server-side development with NodeJS, Express, MongoDB. At the end of this course, you will be able to: Demonstrate an understanding of server-side concepts, CRUD and REST. 34,329 students enrolled!

Big Data Analysis with Scala, Spark

In this course, You'll see how the data parallel paradigm can be extended to the distributed case, using Spark throughout. You'll learn to manipulate data with Spark & Scala. 4.7 (2162 ratings) 69,563 students enrolled!

Distributed Programming in Java

Course helps learners (professionals and students) the fundamental concepts of Distributed Programming in the context of Java 8, Distributed, Parallel Computing, Actor Model. 10,895 already enrolled!

Microsoft Azure Certification

Complete course available on the Microsoft Azure developer exam AZ-203 with timed practice test. You'll master the main concepts of Azure, beyond the ones you normally use. 4.3 (8,170 ratings) 43,213 already enrolled!

Basic & Advanced NoSQL

Learn NoSQL Database course and go from beginner to advanced with CouchDB. You'll utilize replication and clustering, work with the Mango Query system to query data. 4.1 (355 ratings) 1,933 already enrolled!

SQL, NoSQL, Big Data and Hadoop

Enter the world of database and data engineering concepts - from SQL, NoSQL to Hadoop. Learn the Wide-columnar store, Time-series databases, Search Engines, Graph databases, and their use cases. 209 already enrolled!

Big Data Internship – Hive and Pig

This course is focused on higher-level language to facilitate Data Processing in Big data. This course is suitable for developers, data analysts, and business analysts. 4.4 (31 ratings) & 737 students already enrolled!

MongoDB : Leading NoSQL Database

Master MongoDB based application development. You'll design a MongoDB database from start to finish and understand the difference between RDBMS and NoSQL databases. 7,083 students already enrolled!

Go: Complete Developer’s Guide

In this course you'll learn to build massively concurrent programs with Go, Learn the advanced features of Go and know the differences between commonly used data structures. 4.6 (10737 ratings) 39120 students enrolled!

Getting Started with Cassandra

This course teaches you the basics of working with Cassandra. This course is designed for the absolute beginner, meaning no experience with Cassandra is required. 4.3 (1,763 ratings) and 9,629 students already enrolled!

The Cassandra Distributed Database

In this course, you will set up a cluster, keyspaces, column families and how to manage them. Also, you will learn to run all queries using the CQL command shell. 4.2 (843 ratings) and 6,980 students already enrolled!

Chef Fundamentals for Automating

A beginner’s guide to developing cookbooks locally and distributing changes with a Chef Server. Designed for DevOps engineers & operations, Development personnel. 4.5 (2,427 ratings) & 13,873 students already enrolled!

Hadoop and MapReduce for Big Data

This course will help you to get a hands-on workout in Hadoop, MapReduce and the art of thinking "parallel". You'll learn how to break up a task into Map/Reduce transformations. 4.5 (520 ratings) & 5887 already enrolled!

Spark & Hadoop Developer Certification

Learn the entire curriculum of CCA Spark & Hadoop Developer, Apache Sqoop, Scala Fundamentals, Core Spark - Transformations & Actions, Spark SQL & Data Frames. 4.1 (1,655 ratings) & 13,476 enrolled!

Real World Vagrant for Distributed Computing

You'll learn to build a distributed cluster of virtual machines with a single command! Ready for BigData, NoSQL or IMDB installation, be able to automate the installation of software across multiple Virtual Machines.

AWS Serverless APIs and Apps

Enroll for this course and get into serverless computing with API Gateway, AWS Lambda, and other Amazon Web Services! Learn Zero server configuration APIs & SPAs. 4.6 (6,777 ratings) & 41,398 students already enrolled!

Hands-on Hadoop

This bestselling course, covers the Hadoop tutorial with MapReduce, HDFS and Spark, Flink, Hive and HBase, MongoDB and Cassandra, Kafka + more! Over 25 technologies. 4.5 (17,866 ratings) and 95,541 students already enrolled!

AWS Introduction – EC2 Deployment

Enroll and get started with creating your own virtual servers and databases using Amazon Web Service's powerful capabilities. You'll create Linux and Windows EC2 instances and perform database operations.1148 enrolled!

NoSQL: Neo4j & Cypher (Beginners)

You'll learn to teach basics of Neo4j, teach you basics of Cypher. You'll learn about the History of Graph Databases, advantages of a Graph Database, amazing No SQL technology. 4.5 (560 ratings) & 2617 already enrolled!

NoSQL: Neo4j & Cypher (Intermediate)

Learn Neo4j graph databases with cypher- Game of Thrones Edition. Course covers cypher query language, Complex queries, Data modeling pattern, Importing graph databases for CSV files, NoSQL, Game of thrones data insights.

Dynamic Web App using PHP & MySQL

In this 1-hour long project-based course, you will learn how to create a simple note-taking web app using PHP and MySQL. PHP and MySQL enable developing powerful dynamic web pages and applications.

Big Data Specialization

You will gain an understanding of what insights big data can provide through hands-on experience with the tools and systems used by big data scientists and engineers.

Data Engineering, Big Data and ML on Google Cloud

Offered by Google Cloud, Accelerated five-week online specialization where participants receive a hands-on introduction to designing and building data processing systems on Google Cloud Platform.

Big Data Modeling and Management Systems

In this course, you'll experience various data genres and management tools appropriate for each. You'll be able to describe the reasons behind the evolving plethora of new big data platforms from the perspective of big data manage...

Data Manipulation at Scale: Systems and Algorithms

Offered by Uni. of Washington, In this course, you will learn the landscape of relevant systems, the principles on which they rely, their tradeoffs, and how to evaluate their utility against your requirements.

Design and Build a Data Warehouse

Offered by the Uni. of Colorado, The capstone course, Design and Build a Data Warehouse for Business Intelligence Implementation, features a real-world case study that integrates your learning across all courses in the specializat...

Big Data Applications

Machine learning is transforming the world around us. To become successful, you’d better know what kinds of problems can be solved with machine learning, and how they can be solved.