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10 Tips That Will Help you Prepare For Online Tests

10 Tips That Will Help you Prepare For Online Tests

Competitive exams are adopting the online mode all over India. Though completely different from pen and paper tests, online exams include numerous advantages for organizers of the test as well as the candidates writing it. In addition to considerably reducing the cost of print and paper, they are time efficient.

The main advantage of such exams is that they are highly customised, extremely confidential and leakage proof. This avoids re-scheduling of question papers. For users it provides the option of selecting dates and time periods. However, for those taking the tests for first time it can be quite overwhelming. It is sensible to gain thorough knowledge about the method and techniques of the tests before appearing for one.
Here are 10 tips that ensure complete understanding of the procedures which, will help candidates manage time and avoid making the common mistakes.

1. Be computer savvy

10 Tips That Will Help you Prepare For Online Tests
If you are already not very comfortable handling computers, then start getting there. Spend more and more time with computers daily before taking the test. This will help you manage time while taking the test. Looking for the cursor or having difficulty in managing the mouse are time-consuming exercises.

2. Wait for full download of the page before answering the questions
Patience is the key while writing an online exam. Wait while the page gets downloaded or chances are that quite a few questions might get missing. If you write an incomplete paper your performance will be affected and you will end up getting less that you had the potential to score.

3. Take online test series

10 Tips That Will Help you Prepare For Online Tests
Get experience by attempting some online exams before you take the scheduled test. This will be extremely beneficial as it will give you a hands-on experience of the exam. This will take away the intimidation factor and enable you to finish the test before time and give you surplus time to re-examine the paper. Besides, it will make you a pro.

4. Read the instructions cautiously
Online tests often come with different symbols which connote to vital significance. Other points like re-attempting a problem, answering questions irrespective of sequence – will also be clarified if the instruction is read carefully.

5. Click ‘Save’ after every attempt
Do not forget to save your answers after marking the options. If the system does not save your answers automatically, your questions might remain un-attempted. In case of making changes to answers, be careful to click the save button once done.

6. Contact the instructor if you accidentally quit the page
At times candidates end up accidentally quitting the test. One should instantly get in touch with the instructor and seek help. If one is writing the exam from home, keeping the helpline number handy is sensible and is immensely helpful in crisis situations.

7. Do not get upset in case of technical glitch
Technical glitches do not come with warning. It can occur anytime to anyone. Be calm and do not panic. Take the necessary steps to look for help. Panicking never helps, right actions do.

8. Have a strategic approach

10 Tips That Will Help you Prepare For Online Tests
Being strategic in your attempt for writing the exam always pays. Sections of the paper to be attempted first, to be keep for later should be pre-determined. This helps in time-management and gives the candidate a sense of confidence and comfort.

9. Set the deadline for each question
In online exams, do not have invigilators warning candidates about the time left. A timer placed at the top right or left of the exam page will tick on, adding to the anxiety level. To deal with this perpetual stress it is recommended to set a time limit per question. This reduces the anxiety of running short of time. Planning in advance helps in a great way, time- management is integral for success.

10. Keep time to revise the paper

10 Tips That Will Help you Prepare For Online Tests
Candidates are found to have erroneously marked the wrong answer in spite of knowing the correct one. One can identify such errors while re-checking the paper once finished. Allotting a 10 minutes time exclusively for revising the answers will ensure avoiding these bloopers and there shall be no regrets later on.

Author: Baishali Mukherjee

Profile- An independent writer and journalist for last nine years; presently working with Education World, Entrepreneur India, and Worked as the content head for four books and have articles and features published in leading print and digital media spaces.


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