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      Young Changemakers 2.0: 3-Week Online Program on Leadership & Social Entrepreneurship

      Young Changemakers

      Dreaming of studying abroad but worried that your application isn’t strong enough? We’ve got the answer to your worries: community engagement. According to Forbes, 58% of a surveyed 264 admissions officers view community service as having a key impact on admissions and 53% view it as a deal-breaker for equally eligible students. For students who haven’t really paid attention to community service till now TribesforGOOD’s 3-week Young Changemakers Program is specifically designed to help students meet their application deadlines.

      The program enables high school students and college students to virtually assist non-profits on live-action projects with robust outcomes, measurable impact, and a detailed report for academic purposes. The three-week program facilitates students to execute the live project, focused on diversifying students’ skills through community service projects. The program supports students to successfully clock 10 hours of Community Service along with a project report for their essays.  

      Program Details:

      Start dates:  7th Nov| 10th Nov| 15th Nov

      Fee: Rs 13,990/- (inclusive of all taxes)

      Application Link: Click here

      Why Join the Young Changemakers Program? 

      The Young Changemakers program is more than just a community service project, it teaches you skills that are increasing in demand throughout the global workforce. In a world that is constantly evolving and currently experiencing much uncertainty, students need to be responsive and adaptable. TribesForGood recognises this and the Young Changemakers program encourages students to start developing these skills now. 

      Through established real-world projects and expert mentors will guide the students in making a real impact on local communities whilst developing their cognitive and soft skills. The program encourages students to embrace different people and ideas through small, multi-disciplinary group discussions, expert-led workshops, and virtual field visits. By focusing on social entrepreneurship and leadership, students can transform themselves into the type of applicant colleges want. 

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      Program Mentors:

      Students will be guided and mentored by a group of global experts in a range of topics. They will cover multifaceted topics that relate to the student’s skills, interests, and passions. This is a once in a lifetime opportunity to acquire new skills that will increase a student’s chances of college acceptance and success in the workforce. 

      Themes Covered:

      There are a range of different themes that can be covered:

      1. Sport and Leadership

      Use the power of football to develop critical life skills and improve educational attainment for children from underprivileged communities in India

      1. Rehabilitation of Sex Workers

      Develop key life skills that will assist sex workers transition into their new role in society.

      1. Gender and Financial Inclusion

      Transform the way women participate in the economy through designing and running virtual digital and financial literacy classes.

      1. Menstrual Hygiene and Health

      By harnessing the power of women, we aim to provide quality menstrual products for all, destigmatize menstruation and encourage women to advocate for menstrual rights. 

      1. Support Small Businesses

      Support non-profits that are helping to create dignified livelihoods for women from urban slums through product design, sales, and launch strategies.

      1. Crowdfunding

      Support NGO’s by raising funds through various fundraising strategies.

      The Rationale Behind TribesForGood Young Change Makers Program:

      The world is in desperate need of visionary leaders who put the people and the planet first. TribesForGood recognises the need to instil ethical values in our future leaders from a young age but to achieve this, students need to play an active role in learning. The Young Changemakers program focuses on social entrepreneurship and leadership; and provides the opportunity for students to apply their acquired knowledge in a safe environment that also imparts to them humility, integrity, and self-awareness. Students enter the workforce equipped with these critical skills that can be used to create viable solutions to social and environmental issues. 


      Learning Outcomes

      • Ability to apply concepts in “the real world”
      • Positive impact on academic outcomes -problem analysis, problem-solving and critical thinking

      Career Development

      • Connections with professionals
      • Increased Emotional Intelligence Skills

      Social Outcomes

      • Reduced stereotypes and increased ethical awareness
      • Greater involvement in community service after graduation
      • Reducing talent gap faced by NGOs


      “I’ve always been a Math, and Science person. I realized that I had the privilege of being able to heavily study these subjects, with the right resources and environment.

      But there were a lot of others, who didn’t have the same advantage. It’s not like people from the low socio-economic sector wouldn’t want to have access to getting the jobs that we might have the option of applying to – it’s just that they don’t have the means to do the same.

      Over time, after going through trial and error with TribesforGOOD, we finally curated this compact bridge course – which was full-proof and ready for launch!”

      -Aakrit Singhal

      TribesforGOOD Impact

      By simplifying social change and providing an experience that shows results we are building a stream of changemakers who are engaging regularly with us and the social impact ecosystem.  Till now, we have trained more than1500 individuals and supported 80 organisations spread across India in amplifying their social impact

      • 1500+ Changemakers
      • 7 cities
      • 80+ non-profits & social enterprises
      • 15000+ hours contributed

      Got any queries? Post them in the Comments below!

      Author: Mandeep Jhajj

      Mandeep is the Founder & Managing Director of “Tribes For Good”, one of the Strategic Partners of Stoodnt, Inc. She believes in ‘social inclusion’. With 10+ years of work experience in the social impact space, she leads capacity building for non-profits and social enterprises in India.


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