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      5 Offbeat Career Options That Millennials Can Consider

      With the buzz of various board results being announced and pressure mounting on students to score good marks here is a sigh of relief for students with career options that don’t really need you to have the highest score:


      1. E- sports professional: 

      Playing video games has been a part of the usual playtime always but now you can transform your favorite pass time into a fulltime career option. With E-sports being a part of the upcoming Asian Age games and considered to be a part of the upcoming Olympics this industry is flourishing beyond expectation.  All you need is to have a good hand to eye coordination, excellent reflexes and a comprehensive knowledge of the game. These skills can be honed through rigorous training and daily practice. A professional gamer spends at least 12 hours of his day practicing and improving his skills.


      1. Cyber Security Expert: 

      If you are a tech-savvy and are all about coding and algorithms this is the best career profession for you. With digitalization and increasing cyber crimes, cybersecurity professionals are the need of the hour. Now a days there are various institutes that provide courses that can help you enhance your skill. Plus, there are multiple options that you can opt for further specialization like Ethical Hacking, Advance threat research, etc.


      1. Social Media Influencers: 

      Social media influencing generally known as blogging is a booming industry in India. With almost the entire country present on the social media platforms, this industry is growing rapidly. Brands today want to reach out to their audience in any way possible. Getting a social media influencers post about their product is a subtle way of marketing which has worked to a great extent as people follow their social media idols. With good content and creative skills, you can rule the digital world.


      1. Spoken Word Artist:

      Ever since a few videos of poetry went viral on the internet namely “Hindustani Musalmaan” by Hussain Haidry “Brown Girl’s Guide to Gender” by Aranya Johar and “Shayad Woh Pyaar Nahi” by Yahya Bootwala people have been showing a lot of interest in the field of Spoken Word. Artists have been invited to colleges all over India to perform and the wave of Spoken Word has only been increasing. Your words literally have the power to make the difference and in turn, help you gain success professionally.


      1. Disk Jockey(DJ):

      If you are passionate about music and love mix and matching soundtracks then you should definitely consider being a DJ. A DJ’s job description sounds fun. They create music and make people groove on their music. However, the competition in this industry is high. So to be a renowned DJ one needs to have great knowledge of music, know about current trends and should understand the preference of their audience.  The eligibility criteria is quite straightforward – You need to know music, have a passion for it, and understand the technical aspects & intricacies of rhythms.  While a graduate’s degree may be a minimum requirement at some places, mostly it is your experience of music that counts


      Author: Baishali Mukherjee

      Profile- An independent writer and journalist for last nine years; presently working with Education World, Entrepreneur India, and Worked as the content head for four books and have articles and features published in leading print and digital media spaces.


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