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5 Skills Required to Pursue Marketing

“Good marketing makes the company look smart. Great marketing makes the customer feel smart.” – Joe Chernov

Marketing is an administrative procedure through which products and enterprises move from ideas to the clients. It incorporates the coordination of four components called the 4 P’s of promoting: Product, Price, Place and Promotional strategies.

One fine example is of Apsara Pencils. Most of us have noticed that they have inscribed the brand’s tagline “Extra Dark for Good Handwriting” on the pencil itself with the intention of having the customer focus on the darkness of the pencil which will give them a good handwriting. The advertisement broadcasts ‘extra marks for good handwriting’ is very clear in communicating the benefit that the brand is offering – to which when anyone says “extra dark”, in case of pencils, one automatically thinks of Apsara pencils. That’s sure shot marketing for you!

The world of marketing involves advertising, public relations, branding, promotions, and sales. Every brand or business offers the best products or services to their consumers, but “How will your consumer get to know about its USP (Unique selling point) and why should they choose over other brand” is the real marketing factor. Above all this, your marketer should be impactful and his/her strategies should be unique for the brand. Any marketing strategy cannot be successful if he/she is not aware of the customer needs, wants, desires, dreams, or problems – & how they will benefit.

The modern marketer has to be familiar with a lot, good at many, and master of a few. To that end, these are list of skills that you must have as a marketer in order to keep your customers happy and your brand high – 

Author: Rohit Kapur


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