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College Application Timeline for Class 12 Students | 12th Graders: It's Time For Action

College application process could be complex and be intimidating for students and parents. It may seem that there are a million of things to think about. The actual journey of profile building and college application starts as early as Class 9 (or Class 10). The Class 12 period is probably the busiest time. The following college application timeline will help you to get organized and stay on track with the college application process.

College Application Timeline for Class 12 Students


College Application Timeline for Class 12 Students


College Application Timeline for Class 12 StudentsCollege Application Timeline for Class 12 Students

The Blue Tasks are comparatively more flexible. You need to be very careful with the Green Tasks!


The SAT (or ACT) can be taken in Class 12. But, it's better to appear for SAT/ACT in Class 11. 

The next dates for SAT in India are May 6 and October 7. The upcoming dates for ACT exam in India are June 10 (registration deadline is May 5), September 9 (registration deadline August 4), and October 28 (deadline September 22). SAT Subject Tests will be available in May and October. If you need help with SAT/ACT prep, you could sign up for the self-paced online program on SAT/ACT Prep.

It is possible to undertake summer programs or multiple extracurricular activities in Class 12. But, given the tight timeline and multiple steps, it's wise to focus on the application process itself in 12th. Too much of activities along with studies might lead to too much stress for you. 

College Application Timeline for Class 12 Students


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