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      Acceptance Rates for the Class of 2022

      By now you may be tired of hearing about the fierce competition for college admissions this year.  We have had a record amount of applications – including over 75,000 applications at NYU – the most ever for a private university.  MIT sent out acceptance/rejection letters on Pi Day – only 1,464 students were accepted from a pool of 21,706 applicants – that is 6.7% compared to 7.1% for the Class of 2021.


      School Class of 2022 Admission Rate Class of 2021 Admission Rate
      Brown University TBA 8.3%
      Columbia University TBA 5.8%
      Cornell University TBA 12.5%
      Dartmouth College TBA 10.4%
      Duke University TBA 9%
      Georgetown University TBA 15.4%
      Harvard University TBA 5.2%
      Johns Hopkins University TBA 11.8%
      Middlebury College TBA 19.6%
      MIT 6.7% 7.1%
      New York University TBA 27%
      Northwestern University TBA 9%
      Pomona College TBA 8.2%
      Princeton University TBA 6.09%
      Stanford University TBA 4.65%
      Swarthmore College TBA 10.2%
      Tufts University TBA 14.8%
      University of Chicago TBA 8.7%
      University of Pennsylvania TBA 9.1%
      University of Southern California TBA 16%
      University of Virginia TBA 27%
      Vanderbilt University TBA 10.3%
      Williams College 12.1% 14.6%
      Yale University TBA 6.9%

      Author: Yuri Punj


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