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      Address by Santosh Sharma


      By Santosh Sharma, Visiting Faculty, IIM Ranchi & Jain University, Author of

      Dissolve the Box


      When the Going gets tough, the tough gets going! How we Receive, Process and Respond to the situation  decides how we write our future!


      The Testing Times

      The world is facing a challenge. Many lives have been lost and many are suffering. Countries have been locked down and people are indoors to avoid the virus finding a place in their body.



      The U Factor

      In these times U play and important role. How U receive, process and respond to the given situation decides how the world would be shaped from here and how the world would look like in the future. If you are fragile, lost, depressed, negative and if anxiety is troubling you then you convert the situation into a problem because of the negative mindset. Now,you blow the negativities out of proportion and you fail to see the positives hidden under it. It is time,you channelize this positive energy in a more constructive manner. The mental virus infecting the mind is more dangerous than the biological virus in the body. The virus,in the body affects your immune system but, in the mind, it affects your thought, emotions and the basic spirit of life.The mental virus takes you into a negative spiral.

      Be the Positive Transformer

      Think positive and be constructive. That is your real nature. Strength, solution, confidence, creativity, innovation, love, care, peace and positivity are some of the elements that is natural to you. Focus on them and it will grow in your life.

      This is your testing time. Instead of focusing on the problems or on the negativesand worrying about it, use this situation in a constructive way that adds meaning to life. Do not waste time. Use it effectively.

      Be a positive transformer and transform the situation or the person who come in your contact constructively.


      Things to do

      • Do not feel low
      • Spend time constructively
      • Learn new things
      • Invest time in your hobbies
      • Follow the safety measures
      • Learn to cook something, play new games, learn music and so on
      • Give an appointment to yourself



      • Cribbing
      • Worrying
      • Blowing negatives out of proportion
      • Wasting time

      Author: Stoodnt Guest Author

      Stoodnt Guest Author are experts, professors, teachers, tutors and professionals who want to share their advice, insights and guidance to students, young professionals and others.


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