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Admission Statistics for the Ivy Leagues

The Ivy League schools have released their admission data for the Class of 2023.  Unsurprisingly, acceptance rates were quite low with Harvard at the lowest at 4.5% and Cornell at the highest with 10.6%.  See Chart below:
College/ University Total # of App Received # of Accepted Regular Decision # of Accepted Early Decision/ Action Overall Acceptance Rate
Brown University 38,674 1,013 769 6.6%
Columbia University 42,569 2,190* 5.1%
Cornell University 49,118
1,395 10.6%
Dartmouth University 23,650 1,302 574 7.9%
Harvard University 43,330 1,950 935 4.5%
Princeton University 32,804 1,152 743 5.77%
University of Pennsylvania 44,960 2,066 1,279 7.44%
Yale University 36,843 1,384 794 5.91%

* The number includes students admitted through early action/early decision.


Check out the admission statistics of Ivy League Schools for the Class of 2022.

Author: Yuri Punj


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