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AI and Robotics Summer Programs for High School Students in India, USA, Canada and UK

AI and Robotics Summer Programs for High School Students in India, USA, Canada and UK

The fields of artificial intelligence (AI) and Robotics are rapidly changing the world. They have amazingly broad applications, and we need people with a comparably broad set of experiences and global views working on robotics and AI problems.


In the last couple of years, an increasing number of universities are now offering graduate programs in AI and Robotics. There are few undergraduate courses as well. But, what if someone wants to explore the fields at the high school stage? It’s really important to get a feel of the real world stuff and interact with the professionals and leaders before actually deciding a career path.


This is why a summer school program is very beneficial for high school students. But, as of now, there is a very limited number of summer school programs on AI, Data Science, and Robotics. If we talk about high school students in India, the number of choices in even lower. In this post, we will talk about the summer school programs on AI and Robotics that are open to Indian and International Students.


AI and Robotics Pre-College Summer Programs for Indian and International High School Students


Cornell University


In this innovative, hands-on program, high school students will create small robots and use them to explore programming, control theory, and algorithm design. Students will supplement robotics workshops with college-level coursework and field trips to Cornell’s cutting-edge research facilities.


Duration: 2 weeks

Date: June 29 – July 13, 2019

Fees: USD $ 4,385




In a one-of-a-kind collaboration with NuVu, Summerfuel is proud to offer this two-week, hands-on innovation program for high school students, held at the prestigious MIT Design Studio. The ideal target audience is high school students in Grade 8 to 11.


Fuelled by creativity, students have the capacity to address large-scale problems and create solutions that have an impact on the world. Our students learn how to use the design process to solve complex challenges using creativity, critical thinking and collaboration to form an energized generation of entrepreneurs, designers, makers, and inventors.


Duration: 4 weeks

Date: July 7 – August 3, 2019

Fees: USD $5,495 / $8,695


Young Technology Scholars


Young Technology Scholars (YTS) is a 2-week residential summer program launched in June 2018. The program is open for high schoolers from Grades 9-11. The aim is to expose students to real-world engineering and problem solving through hands-on learning and interdisciplinary coursework.


The program curriculum has been designed by senior faculty from leading universities of the world, in collaboration with alumni from top institutes like Stanford, UC Berkeley, HBS, IITs, and the IIMs.


Whether your curiosity lies in Robotics, Biological Systems or Data Sciences – this program will help you explore the nuances of engineering and examine the frameworks that help solve global challenges. From artificial intelligence to healthcare to sustainability, you will build, simulate and explore the behavior of everything you create.


With interactive seminars and hands-on projects, students will learn the fundamentals of computation, hardware interfaces, biosensing, and programming; and more importantly, how to solve the challenges of the future.


Duration: 2 weeks

Date: June 1 – June 14, 2019

Fees: INR 75,000 (Early Bird) / INR 90,000

Scholarships: Available on application



Summer Program on AI and Robotics for High School Students


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Inspirit AI


The 10-day bootcamp exposes high school students (Grade 9 to 12) to fundamental AI concepts and helps students build a mentor-led socially impactful AI projects that include Eye Disease Diagnosis, Distracted Driver Detection, Crop Output Prediction, and Disaster Relief Improvement.


It is a selective pre-college enrichment program for high school students (Grade 9 – 12) in India, developed and taught exclusively by Stanford AI specialists who travel to India to teach. The program provides guidance on initiating AI projects, pursuing AI ventures, and preparing for college. However, please be advised that Inspirit AI is NOT an official Stanford University academic program.


Duration: 2 weeks

Dates: Jun 17 – Jun 28 (New Delhi) / Jul 1 – Jul 12 (Mumbai) / Jul 15 – Jul 26 (Bangalore)

Fees: INR 75,000


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Brown University


The goal of this course is to take an interdisciplinary approach to introduce students to artificial intelligence. High school students will learn about neural networks and belief propagation networks. The structure of this course will be to look at how neuroscience has inspired artificial intelligence models and then translate these ideas into mathematical models that can be programmed into a computer.


Additionally, summer school students will read about the connectome project which is a current project to model neural networks in the human brain. This has been an ongoing project since the 1980s where the goal is to map the structural connectivity of the brain. This model has inspired the development of AI technology that has dramatically changed our world.


Prerequisites: Students should have taken algebra and know some basic probability. No programming experience is needed.


Duration: 3 weeks

Date: July 15 – August 2, 2019

Fees: USD $6,124


Oxford Summer Courses


There are two separate programs – one for the kids aged 13-15 and one for the high school goers aged 16-17.


Students will learn some of the technologies behind AI and the social and moral predicaments it poses, and devise a plan to use technology for good. They will collaborate with some of the finest academic minds, working together to find your own solution to the biggest problems facing London and the rest of the world today. Kids will be encouraged to debate and discuss what sort of artificial intelligence we should create, what we should automate and how people’s roles should adapt to sync with an ever-evolving industry.


The summer program also includes social events and excursions are designed to really integrate you into London life and introduce you to the most significant sites in Britain.


Duration: 2 weeks

Date: 23/06, 07/07, 21/07 2019

Fees: GBP £4,195


Duke TiP (Georgia Tech)


In this highly competitive program, high school students (Grade 8, 9, 10) will learn programming skills for machine intelligence development and explore the origins of AI as well as modern areas of research, including language processing, perception, motion, and manipulation.


Designed with gifted students in mind (applicants are expected to be in the top 5% of their classes), Duke University’s TIP Academy for Summer Studies gives students the chance to take part in interactive inquiry-based classes that challenge their critical thinking skills. Intense courses are taught by content experts who will both challenge and inspire students to reach their very best potentials.


Duration: 3 weeks

Date: Term 1 (June 9–29) | Term 2 (July 7–27)

Fees: USD $4,300 (appx.)

Financial Aid: Available


AI and Robotics Summer Programs for High School Students in India, USA, Canada and UK


Fairleigh Dickinson University


Fairleigh Dickinson University’s Summer Pre-College Program offers talented students in grades 10 to 12 the opportunity to get a jump-start on earning college credits while getting a taste of college life.


Courses include:

  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics 1: Sensing and Guidance
  • Artificial Intelligence and Robotics II: Multi-Legged Robotics
  • Applied Machine Learning
  • Advanced Coding and Development
  • Drone Technology: Mastering Flight Dynamics and Coding
  • Delving Into the Cloud: Cyber Security in the 21st Century


Whether you attend for two or four weeks, you’ll develop valuable skills and learn cutting-edge techniques in these exciting college-level courses.


Please be advised that the website has not mentioned anything about the program being limited to the US nationals only. Besides, the majority of summer school programs are open to international students unless specified. So, we assume this program is actually open to international students.


List of Other Top Summer School Programs for International High School Students with Courses on AI and Robotics


Columbia University

Texas Tech Clark Scholars Program

Illinois Institute of Technology

iD Tech


There are a few other notable summer school programs entirely focused on AI and Robotics in the US and Canada. But, those are open to US and Canadian nationals (and permanent residents) only. Below is the list.


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AI and Robotics Summer School Programs for High School Students from US & Canada


Carnegie Mellon University


Carnegie Mellon has been one of the leaders in the AI field since the 1950s. High school students will have the opportunity to utilize artificial intelligence to address problems of probabilistic and numeric nature. They will be exposed to a breadth of knowledge in the field with the goal of leveraging AI for social good.


Duration: 3 Weeks

Date: June 29 – July 19, 2019

Open to US Citizens and US Permanent Residents only

Fees: Students admitted to Carnegie Mellon AI4ALL will not be charged tuition, housing or dining fees.


Princeton University


The program aims to bring young people from underrepresented groups into the growing field of artificial intelligence (AI), a branch of computer science that involves creating autonomous systems capable of processing human language, recognizing images or analyzing complex data sets.

The students will learn the fundamentals of AI technology through lessons and hands-on exercises and hear from the Princeton professors working at the forefront of AI research in computer vision, cybersecurity, and bioinformatics. They will also work in group research projects, with guidance from Princeton graduate students and recent graduates.

Duration: 3 weeks

Date: July 21 – August 10, 2019

Fees: USD $6,000


AI and Robotics Summer Programs for High School Students in India, USA, Canada and UK


Stanford University

UC Berkeley

University of Texas at Austin

Boston University

Simon Fraser University



Note: For all the AI4ALL programs, there are no technical pre-requisites. Any student who meets the age and location requirements is invited to apply, but special consideration will be given to students from underrepresented groups. These include:

  • Young women
  • Underrepresented minorities
  • Families of lower socioeconomic status (eligible for public assistance programs or free/reduced lunch programs)
  • Potentially first in the family to attend college


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