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      Best Job Oriented Short-Term Courses after 12th

      Best Job Oriented Short-Term Courses after 12th

      Choosing the best course after 12th class is one of the most critical decisions of our lives as it sets the tone for the overall career path. There are numerous professional courses that students may choose irrespective of their streams – Science, Commerce or Arts. In this article, guest author, Parinita Gupta, writes about the best job-oriented courses after 12th.


      Best Job Oriented Short-Term Courses after 12th


      By Parinita Gupta



      Are you really confused about what to do after 12th?


      The good news is that nowadays students are not restricted to specific fields of study after the 12th. Their thought process is more liberal and versatile while choosing their career paths. A lot of students search for job oriented short term courses which offer direct skills that are required for a particular trade or a profession. The stupendous success of the job oriented vocational courses has guided many aspirants to look forward to these courses since they can start earning early in their career for their individual social requirements. Here is a list of the top job oriented courses after 12th:


      Diploma in Digital Marketing


      In today’s world, Digital Marketing has become a core part of executing business for most of the companies. A diploma in Digital Marketing will equip you with the required knowledge of market evaluation, market management, and market research. This short term course is one of the most lucrative options both financially and for personal growth. Digital marketing has many sub-categories which include:


      • Social Media Marketing (SMM)
      • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
      • Pay-Per-Click (PPC)
      • Conversion Optimization
      • Web Analytics
      • Content Marketing
      • Mobile Marketing
      • Email Marketing
      • Google Analytics
      • Google Ads
      • Facebook, YouTube, Instagram Marketing


      The chances of getting a job after learning this course are immense. Some of the job profiles you can get after this course are- Digital Marketing Executive, Digital Marketing Manager, SEO Executive, SEO Manager, Social Media Marketing Manager, SEM Specialist, and Digital Sales Executive, Content Marketer, Email Marketing Specialist, Mobile Marketing Expert, Web Analytics Executive. Read more about Digital Marketing Careers and Jobs in India.


      Diploma in Multimedia, 3D Animation & Visual Effects


      The most sought after course after 12th is 3D Animation & Visual Effects. The demand for this diploma course has grown at an unprecedented rate and so does the requirement in the entertainment industry. A career in 3D Animation is one of the most profitable choices amongst the students nowadays. The constant demand for animations in television and films has cropped up various specialization courses to cater to it. This also includes demands for the gaming industry too. Few of the topics which are included in this course are:


      • Basics of designing
      • Storyboarding
      • Lighting
      • Basics of 3D Animation, Rigging
      • Compositing & Post-production


      After completing the course, they can start their careers in creative studios, advertising firms, engineering companies, software industries, and video games industry. The duration of the diploma course in animation is one year; the duration may vary with specialized courses.


      Diploma in Web Designing


      Another lucrative short term course after 12th is web designing and development which is an important part of the IT Industry. Many big companies and industries are in need of skilled professionals who have the required knowledge in the field of web designing. A diploma course in web designing will educate you with the core concepts of web designing like JAVA script, Search Engine Optimization, HTML, Adobe Premiere, Photoshop, and web page designing. After completion of this course, one can easily get a job or start freelance projects earning a good amount of money depending upon their projects.


      Diploma in Hotel Management


      The Hospitality Industry has grown exponentially in the last two decades with multidimensional opportunities to explore; the demand for professionals in this industry has made it a relevant job oriented short term course. Read more about the top careers in the hospitality industry.


      There are multiple job opportunities available in India and abroad and this short term diploma course in Hotel Management will prepare you for entry-level work opportunities in restaurants, hotels, cruise ships, catering companies, and all establishments that offer food service, accommodation & other customer service-related jobs. The diploma has a one-year course duration. This course generally includes topics like:


      • Food and beverage management
      • Corporate communication
      • Principles of management
      • Front office management
      • Accommodation and leisure management
      • Hospitality marketing


      Diploma in Advertising & Marketing


      Another lucrative job oriented short term course is advertising and marketing. The media industry is growing globally at a tremendous pace and if surveys are to be believed, there is a shortage of skilled manpower in this sector. You would need very good communication skills and need to cope up with the fast-paced and glamorous lifestyle. Smart aspirants are rewarded well in terms of salary and incentives.


      After completion of this course you can get jobs in digital media companies, advertising & communication departments of private companies, film production, market research organizations, advertising agencies etc. With good networking skills, you can also work as a freelancer.


      Diploma in Event Management


      With firm foundations within other sectors such as sport, business, arts, music, and hospitality, the events industry is one of the largest growing industries worldwide. If you are interested in the entertainment business then this is the ideal field for you. Taking up a short course in Event Management right after your 12th can land into the showbiz world quite easily.


      You need to have good organizing and presentation skills, street-smart and good at networking with people, willing to work under difficult conditions along with good verbal and written communication skills. This short term course is quite lucrative if you have a knack for organizing events. The duration of the course is one year and the topics covered are:


      • Event and budget planning
      • Logistics
      • Advertising
      • Branding and brand promotion
      • Public relations


      Diploma in Photography


      The most creative of the lot, short term course in Photography is the most sort after field students after 12th opt for today. With splendid opportunities in creative fields today this career is lucrative and job oriented too. The duration of the Diploma course in Photography is for one year.


      Based on your interest and specialization in photography, you could get a job at studios, agencies and companies. Alternatively, you may choose to work on a part-time and/or freelance basis or assist senior photographers too.


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      Other Top Job Oriented Courses after 12th:


      There are many other job oriented short-term courses which are mentioned below that are industry-ready and guarantee the job right after the course. The duration of all these courses is for a year.





      About Parinita Gupta: Parinita is a full-time banking professional. Additionally, she is also a passionate blogger and digital marketer.

      She mostly writes about the Banking & Finance, Technology, and FinTech sector. But, she also enjoys writing on other topics as well.  You can follow her on Twitter.




      Featured Image Source: Attitude Academy


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