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      14 Best Online Summer Programs for High School Students in 2020

      Best Online Summer Programs for High School Students in 2020

      Summer is an important time of the year, and colleges want to know what you have been doing during that period.  COVID-19 has dramatically altered the everyday lives of everyone all around the world. Most of us under lockdown (or quarantine) at home. However, do not let this situation hamper your college preparation activities. Several summer programs have been switched to the virtual model. In this post, we will look at the top online summer school programs in 2020 for high school students.


      Best Online Summer Programs for High School Students in 2020


      1. Summer @Brown Online


      • Dates: June 15 – August 12
      • Duration: 2 – 6 Weeks
      • Tuition: 3 week course – $709; 4-week course – $998; 5-week course – $1,309
      • Eligibility: Students in the age group of 15 – 18 (students completing grades 9 – 12)
      • Application Deadline: Rolling
      • Courses: Brown offers 14 courses on a wide range of topics including those in the humanities such as Disruptive Thinkers, Ideological Conflict, and Social Revolution as well as STEM courses such as Renewable Energy Engineering and Creative Coding.


      Brown Program Page


      2. Cornell University Summer Session Online


      • Dates: June 1 – August 6
      • Duration: Variable
      • Tuition: $1,520 per credit
      • Eligibility: Current 10th-12th grade students
      • Application Deadline: Rolling (Starts March 1)
      • Courses: There are one or more courses offered to high school students in the summer in each of the following ten areas: Anthropology, Asian Studies, Classics, Communication, Economics, Government, Human Development, Nutritional Science, Plant Biology, and Psychology.


      Cornell Program Link


      3. LeadershipPro byAspire Impact & Darden Business School (University of Virginia)


      • Dates: June 15 – 26
      • Duration: 2 weeks (10 days)
      • Tuition: INR 75,000 ($1,000)
      • Eligibility: Grade 9 – 12 (those entering Grade 9 or exiting Grade 12 are also eligible)
      • Application Deadline: June 10
      • Modules: Leadership, Community & Social Impact, Dramatics, Performing Arts, Communication & Soft Skills


      Read More and Apply


      4. Purdue University


      • Dates: Variable
      • Duration: 12 Weeks
      • Tuition: $1,050-$2,850
      • Eligibility: Age 16 and above
      • Application Deadline: Rolling
      • Courses: Purdue is offering 35+ courses online, you won’t find a better such selection at any school of Purdue’s quality. There are multiple courses available in the areas of Earth & Atmospheric Sciences, Economics, Computer Science, Medical Sciences, History, Mathematics, Philosophy, Political Science, Sociology, and Statistics.


      Click Here for More Info


      5. Flame University Summer Immersion Program


      • Dates: June / July (Dates to be announced soon)
      • Duration: 1 week (5 days)
      • Tuition: INR 25,000/- (inclusive of service tax)
      • Eligibility: Applicants must be Xth, XIth, or XIIth grade high school students. Applicants must be minimum 14 years of age as on 15th March 2020. Copy of grade sheets of the previous 2 years will be required.
      • Application Deadline: To be announced
      • Courses: Modules include Critical Thinking, Biology & Conservation of Sea, Gender Roles, Climate Change & Pandemics, Accounting, Programming, Data Visualization, Creative Writing & Digitization


      Flame Summer Program Page Link


      online summer camp 2020 for high school students india


      6. Boston University – High School Honors Online


      • Dates: July 5 – August 14
      • Duration: 6 Weeks
      • Tuition: $5,760 (for 8 credits)
      • Eligibility: Rising 11th and 12th graders
      • Application Deadline: May 29
      • Courses offered: A dozen online courses are offered through BU for this upcoming summer. On the foreign language front, high schoolers can tackle Chinese or Spanish. The renowned Questrom School of Business runs an Introduction to Management Course. Microeconomics, Calculus, and Introduction to Statistics are also on the table.


      Boston Summer Program Page


      7. SHRM Online Biotech & Biomedical Science Summer Program


      • Dates: Jun 9 – 24 (1st Batch) & Jul 2 – 16 (2nd Batch)
      • Duration: 7 days (spread over 2 weeks) on Tue, Thu & Sat.
      • Tuition: INR 10,000 ($135) | Scholarships available
      • Eligibility: Grade 8 – 12 Students
      • Application Deadline: Rolling
      • Summary of courses offered: Molecular Biology, Microbiology & Virology, Biochemistry, Public Health, Diagnostics & Therapeutics, Career Orientation, Research Publication in Journal


      More Info & Application Form


      8. Young Changemakers by TribesforGOOD


      • Dates: Jun 1 – 14 / Jun 15 – 28
      • Duration: 2 weeks (40 hours)
      • Tuition: INR 22,000 ($295)
      • Eligibility: Grade 9 – 12
      • Application Deadline: Rolling
      • Summary of courses offered: Social Entrepreneurship, Leadership, Digital Marketing, Women Empowerment, Rural Development, Climate Change, Poverty Eradication, Sustainability.


      Read More & Apply


      9. Rice University Summer Sessions


      • Dates: June 15-July 31 (7 weeks) / June 29-August 14 (7 weeks) / July 6-August 14, 2020 (6 weeks)
      • Tuition: $3,000
      • Eligibility: Rising 11th, 12th graders
      • Application Deadline: Jun 3 / Jun 17 / Jun 24
      • Summary of courses offered: With 10 courses, the selection isn’t vast, but the chance to learn from esteemed Rice faculty in areas like Machine Learning, Programming Languages, Data Visualization, Algorithms, or Principles of Economics is certainly worth strong consideration.


      Rice Summer Program Page


      10. Bioinformatics & Computer-Aided Drug Design by SHRM Biotech


      • Dates: Jun 8 – 19 (2nd Batch) & Jun 29 – Jul 10 (3rd Batch)
      • Duration: 6 days (spread over 2 weeks) on Mon, Wed & Fri
      • Tuition: INR 8,850 ($120)
      • Eligibility: Grade 11 – 12 (Grade 10 students can also apply if they have an interest in Coding & ICT)
      • Application Deadlines: Rolling
      • Summary of courses offered: Bioinformatics, Genomics, Biostatistics, Computational Biology, Career Orientation.


      Apply for Online Bioinformatics Program 2020



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      11. Tufts Pre-College Programs


      • Dates: July 12 – 24 / July 19 – 31 / July 26 – Aug 7 / Jun 30 – Aug 7
      • Duration: 2 weeks / 6 weeks
      • Tuition: $990 per credit
      • Eligibility: Entering Grade 10 – 12 students
      • Application Deadline: June 1 / Rolling
      • Summary of courses offered: Tufts offers 26 courses with a nice variety across academic disciplines. Online offerings range from Introductory Statistics to Ancient Egypt to Social Psychology. Foreign language courses at various levels are also available in French and Spanish. Others include Engineering Design, International Relations, and Leadership for Social Change.


      Apply for Tufts Pre-College Programs


      Other Top Online Summer Programs for High School Students in 2020


      UC San Diego – Program Your Future


      For students interested in computer science, the UC San Diego program is an affordable way to learn valuable skills on a remote basis. The two tracks available are IOS Programming, focusing on the Swift programming language used by Apple, and Front End Web Development which covers HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.


      Oregon State University


      If you are looking for an established university that has a massive number of courses online, look no further than OSU. A leader in online education, Oregon has courses in the Biological Sciences, Business, Chemistry, Computer Science, Education, Engineering; History, Philosophy, and Religion; Language, Culture, and Society; Natural Resources; Public Health & Human Services; Public Policy, and STEM.


      University of Washington Summer Quarter Online


      Roughly 50 courses are available through UW, including options in the Arts, Education, Geography & History; Languages, Literature & Writing; Math & Statistics; Natural Sciences; Political Science, Law & Criminal Justice; and the Social Sciences.



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