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Bioscience and Pre-Medical Summer School Program in India for Students in Grade 8 – 12

Bioscience and Pre-Medical Summer School Program for Students in Grade 8 - 12

We have been receiving tons of queries related to summer schools and best summer programs for high school kids over the past couple of years. A significant chunk of queries is related to summer school program on medical science, life sciences, biology and biotechnology for high school students. Unfortunately, we had to disappoint those students and parents as we didn’t come across any specialized summer program on medicine or biological sciences in India. So, we decided to take things in our own hands. You asked we listened – presenting the Bioscience and Pre-Medical Summer School Program for High School Students by SHRM Biotechnologies in association with Indian Chamber of Commerce (Co-Partner), Pathfinder (Science Coaching Partner), Catalyst Advisory Services (Career Guidance Partner), and Stoodnt, Inc.


Bioscience and Pre-Medical Summer School 2019


Details of the Summer School Program


Why attend this Summer School (Pre-College) Program:


  • You will experience all the everyday learning prospects and possibilities, which will equip you well to make better career choices.


  • You get a chance to explore your interests before you decide to take it up as a career.


  • You will get hands-on experience and develop new skills that a classroom doesn’t offer and get a taste of exciting college life.


  • This is the first of its kind summer program that’s focused on biological sciences and medicine.


  • The summer program is developed and delivered by SHRM Biotechnologies, a Govt. recognized and Award-winning Training Company that provides training to Undergraduate and Postgraduate Students, in association with Stoodnt, Inc., a Silicon-Valley based Career & College Admission Guidance EdTech Startup.


  • Summer school students gain a number of skills which can benefit them when they apply to top colleges or get called for college admissions interviews.


Who can attend:


High School Students in Grade 8, 9, 10, 11 & 12




Kolkata (EZCC, Salt Lake), India


Program Content:


Theory and Practicals will cover the following topics:


  • DNA, RNA and rDNA technology
  • Cell biology
  • Medical Microbiology and Public Health
  • Nanotechnology
  • Plant Sciences


Program Objective:


The summer program will give the students a holistic idea about the subjects, career paths, and job opportunities within the field of biosciences, public health, and medicine. They will get a feel of what they can expect while studying Biotechnology, MBBS, BDS, or Biomedical Sciences after Class 12. This will help them to get some clarity about the career paths after 12th.


Secondly, be it Medicine (MBBS or BDS) or Biotechnology & Life Sciences – they are very practical oriented. Hence, this summer school will be a great opportunity to gain hands-on exposure.


Students will learn:


  • Advanced biological techniques.
  • Introduction to Medical Research
  • How to take care of our health.
  • Hands-on practicals and latest training.
  • How to achieve success in future life including college admissions after Class 12.




May 27 – 31, 2019


Timing: 10:30 am to 2 pm on the first 4 days and 10:30 am to 3 pm on the 5th day


Detailed Schedule and Program Structure:


Day 1: DNA extraction of Strawberry

Day 2: Food Contamination

Day 3: RBC Detection & Blood Pressure Measurement and Gender Probability Studies

Day 4: Alkalinity and pH of Personal Care Product

Day 5: PCR Amplification and Detection of Oral Microflora (followed by award ceremony)


Faculty Members and Trainers:


  • Dr. Pradip Kumar Mazumder, President, SHRM Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd., and Former Researcher at the School of Medicine, University of Utah (USA), DRDO, TATA Advinus


  • Mayukh Bose, Senior Research Scientist and Project Coordinator at SHRM Biotechnologies Pvt.Ltd.


  • Rumela Bhattacherjee, Project Assistant at National Institute of Cholera and Enteric Disease (ICMR)


  • Tanmoy Ray, Career Adviser & Admission Counselor at Stoodnt; Former Biomedical Scientist at University of Oxford (UK), University Medical Centre Utrecht (Netherlands), and University of New South Wales (Australia)


  • Ajay Singh, Founder & CEO, Stoodnt, Inc., MS (University of Texas at Austin), MBA (Harvard University)


  • Tanima Roy Chowdhury, Co-founder and Career Counselor, Catalyst Advisory Services


  • Trina DasguptaCo-founder and Career Counselor, Catalyst Advisory Services


  • Arpana Mazumder, Mentor, Philanthropist, and Former Biomedical Researcher (India, USA, and Canada)


  • Kunal Vora, Founder & CEO, SHRM Biotechnologies Pvt. Ltd., Mentor and Summer Program Director




Early-Bird Fees: INR 3,500* (if applied on or before May 16, 2019)


*(plus 18% GST = total Rs. 4,130)


Add-on Sessions and Workshop:


  • Psychometric Test and Career Guidance by Team Catalyst (for all participating students)


  • Session on College Admission Guidance in India and Abroad by Team Stoodnt (for Grade 10, 11 & 12 Students)




The summer school batch of 2019 has got a capacity of 60 students (across all grades). So, interested students (or parents) are requested to fill up the registration form at the earliest.


Awards for Best Participating Students:


  • Young Scientist Award (One Award)
  • Junior Doctor Award (One Award)
  • Training Certificates for All Participants


Note: This is a non-residential summer program. So, students from outside Kolkata (or adjacent areas) need to arrange their own accommodation. If you are interested and need assistance, please feel free to reach out to us by filling out the registration form (at the end of the article).


Why Biology and Medical Science?


As we try to understand Life and its different processes, we get to know the complex mechanisms that support our existence. Biology deals with the basics such as tracking of ancestry, general features of plants and animals to more advanced fields as of synthetic drug production, studying and altering genetics, providing upgraded prosthetics and implants. Simple understandings of biology have changed our lives deeply, be it prevention of diseases, breaking of superstitions/misconceptions, better healthcare facilities for infants and expected mothers or senior citizens, development of quality medicines and many more.


Why attend the Bioscience and Pre-Medical Summer Program?


Benefits of summer program-


  • Learning theoretical and practical aspects of advanced biology, medicine, and public health
  • Development of practical skills on laboratory techniques
  • Gaining knowledge about hot topics in biology and medicine
  • Talks on Motivation and Career Roadmap development by Doctors, Researchers, and Scientists
  • Career and College Admission Guidance for Biotechnology, Medicine (MBBS, BDS) and Life Sciences in India and Abroad


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About SHRM Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd.


SHRM Biotechnologies Pvt Ltd. is a nationally awarded educational training & skill development provider in Biotechnology and Life Sciences. The organization obtained honorary accreditation from LSSSDC under the ambit skill development council, Govt. of India.


Since its establishment in 2006, SHRM has trained more than 6,000 undergraduate students from various institutes like IIT, NIT, SRM, VIT, Amity, and many others. We have trained students of B.Sc / M.Sc / B.Tech /Ph.D. from more than 100+ universities/colleges across the country and internationally.


SHRM was awarded the Best Biotech Training Provider in Eastern India in 2018. The award was given by Mr. Parshottam Khodabhai Rupala, Union Minister of State for Panchayati Raj, Agriculture and Farmers Welfare. It also won The Excellence in Training Award in 2017 by Hon’ble Governors Dr. S. C. JamirGovernor of Odisha and  Shri. Tathagata RoyGovernor of Tripura.


Know more about the Training, Research Projects, Skill Development, and Job Guidance at SHRM Biotechnologies.


How to Apply and Enrol for the Bioscience and Pre-Medical Summer School Program?


Please fill out the registration form below.


If you want to share this form or want to fill out the registration form later, here is the link for the Registration Form (you need to sign in to your Gmail account to fill out the form).


Once you submit the completed registration form, we will get back to you regarding the application process, payment (Rs. 4,130 – inclusive of GST), and details about the enrolment procedure.


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