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      Career in Hospital Management

      Healthcare management is now a highly professional niche which deals with the effective execution and operations of diverse aspects of healthcare. Today, medical establishments are highly organized institutions which follow complex methods and require professional manpower to administer the processes.


      The chief purpose is to offer quality healthcare services to people in a cost-effective way. Specialized hospital administrators have established how institutions can be operated competently, inexpensively and successfully.


      Professionals, mostly hospital managers, are trained in facilitating Health care facilities are appointed by medical care organisations all over the world. These managers supervise and guide the operations of hospitals, nursing homes, and other health care facilities and are responsible for the smooth running of the facilities, services, programs, staff and budgets. Besides, a career in hospital management helps you to accomplish two objectives- a good pay package and service to mankind.


      An unprecedented growth in the hospital industry in India has resulted in an enormous demand and popularity of different hospital management courses. The demand of skilled administrators in the hospitals and health care facilities is growing rapidly as the nature of work in hospitals is very dissimilar from other organizations. Hospitals deliver specialised service round the clock.


      The critical nature of work and the level of competence required have augmented the necessity of well-structured hospital management curriculums. Responding to this a number of educational institutes have started offering hospital administration courses in India.


      Type of medical professionals


      Healthcare management professionals come mostly from two backgrounds- medical experts and non-medical executives. Multi-speciality hospitals, clinics, medical institute and healthcare units appoint both medical and non-medical administrators in their administrative departments.


      Medical experts in administration take care of the technical side including sourcing of equipment and medical expendables, employment and training of workforce, management of professional and research work. Non medical professionals in the healthcare industry handle and allocate job-responsibilities of other employees, oversee the maintenance, services and security.


      However, there are certain areas which require the expertise of both professional including healthcare Administration, Hospital Organization, Planning and control of the hospital services, Medical Staff Management, Demography and Bio-statistics Management of Research in Healthcare, and Community Health Strategic Management in Healthcare System.


      Skills required


      Both professionals require the ability to deal with employees, medical teams, patients and their family, community, suppliers of equipment and other resources.


      Sympathy and compassion are the most essential attributes for a healthcare professional. Understanding of the functions of different departments, tact, communication and presentation skills are also critical skills in this sector. Familiarity with financial operations, people management ability, organization building skills, patient care and knowledge of insurance are added advantage.


      However, the job is complex and difficult and keeps the managers on their toes most of the time. There will also be immense work pressure.




      Pure Sc PCB in Standard XII followed by graduation in MBBS/ Nursing and post graduation in Hospital Management. However, students from any stream in Standard XII can do their graduation or post graduation in Hospital Administration to get appointed as Hospital Manager (Non Clinical). There are colleges which enrol students from non science background for Bachelors in Hospital Administration.


      A three-year BHA program will cost around Rs. 40,000 while, the expenditure for MHA is nearly Rs. 10,000 per semester with four semesters scheduled in the two-year course.


      Several institutes also offer certificate and diploma courses in hospital management or short – term and distance learning courses as well. One can enrol for a one-year distance learning program in hospital administration and nursing administration from The Indian Society of Health Administrators (ISHA). Tamil Nadu Open University also has a two-year distance learning MBA course in Hospital Administration.


      Where to study


      Following are the renowned colleges in India which offer courses in hospital management


      ASCI , Hinduja Institute of Healthcare Management

      Devi Ahilya Vishwavidyalaya

      Nizam’s Institute of Medical Sciences , Hyderabad

      Offering Post Graduate Courses

      Apollo Institute of Hospital Administration (AIHA, Hyderabad)

      Jamia Hamdard

      Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

      Offering Other Courses

      Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai

      IIS West Bengal Calcutta

      Kasturba Medical College, Manipal

      Sri Ramachandra Medical College & Research Institute (Deemed University), Chennai

      Academy of Hospital Administration, Noida


      Job Prospect


      India today has more than 2.5 lakh health care institutes and facilities that are in constant need for skilled hospital administrators and managers. Opportunities are there at the following domains –


      Government and private hospitals (National and international)

      Health agencies, laboratories and clinics

      Health insurance companies

      Medical colleges and institutions

      Nursing homes

      Mental health organizations

      Public health departments and rehabilitation centres

      Pharmaceuticals and hospital supply firms

      Medical software companies and hospital consulting firms


      Hospital management is a domain that boasts of prospects in the global arena more so with the boom in medical tourism. For a talented and skilled professional who can demonstrate good work ethic, there is no limit to where the expertise can take him/her in the exciting and fascinating world of hospital management and administration.


      The remuneration for experienced medical care professionals varies from 1.2 Lakh to 10.7 Lakhs per annum. Administrators at a mid-level hospital gets around Rs.30,000 per month while the salary of  administrators working with super specialty hospitals can easily go into lakhs of rupees.

      Author: Baishali Mukherjee

      Profile- An independent writer and journalist for last nine years; presently working with Education World, Entrepreneur India, and Worked as the content head for four books and have articles and features published in leading print and digital media spaces.


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