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Changes to the GMAT: Students Can Select Sections

An interesting annoucement from the GMAC regarding the GMAT exam.  They announced that students will now be able to decide which order they want the sections of the exam to appear on the test. Students will make their decision when they arrive at the test center. There will be three options for the order of the sections:

  • Analytical Writing, Integrated Reasoning, Quantitative, Verbal (original order)
  • Verbal, Quantitative, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing
  • Quantitative, Verbal, Integrated Reasoning, Analytical Writing

The order you decide will not show up on your score report to schools. Known as “Select Section Order, ” the new feature is available for all GMAT takers starting July 11(domestically and internationally). In its press release, the GMAC noted that in its 2016 study of the new feature “85 percent of participants surveyed express[ed] that this new feature boosted their confidence prior to even taking the exam” without affecting the validity of scores or of the exam itself.

For more information, read New GMAT Exam Feature Offers Greater Control and Flexibility

Author: Yuri Punj


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