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Career Opportunities with a Degree from École hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL) in Switzerland

Switzerland is famous for its accurate watches, banking system, chocolates & cheese, and picturesque outdoors. Additionally, Switzerland has also got one of the best education systems in the world. Among various subject areas, Switzerland is considered to be one of the best destinations for studies related to Hospitality and Tourism.


There are many world-class hospitality management schools in Switzerland. Ecole hoteliere de Lausanne (EHL) stood out among the best hospitality management schools in the world, as per different rankings and portals. EHL has enjoyed the No. 1 ranking for several years. But, as we all know, ranking is not everything. In this post, we will decipher how effective a degree from EHL is in terms of career and job prospects.


Career Opportunities with a Degree from EHL


By Parinita Gupta


With a colossal and magnificent history, and deftly balancing the art of global repute, Ecole hôtelière de Lausanne (EHL), is a name not unknown to many in the hospitality industry. Having strongly driven a focus, build and legacy for 125 years, EHL has shifted from the kingdom of an indubitable institutional monarch to carve a niche way out eventually, being one of the most regarded centers of innovation, applied research and excellence in hospitality.


The reason why students across the globe are largely choosing this as a one-shot destination for a radiant future ahead can be discussed as under:


125-Year Old Legacy


The relentless years of efforts to preserve the legacy along with the state-of-the-art educational benevolence, EHL has shown for more than a century now, has gifted it with quite a few gems in the industry as its famous alumni. Also, the enormous experience it has acquired in the process has made it possible to define every single opportunity and each facet of the hospitality sector, into the tailor-made curriculum, carefully mapped and designed structural courses and an outbound exposure given to each of its prestigious students.


Industry-Relevant Programs


EHL has devised various flexible and rich programs for students in distant corners of the world along with regular programs and also for students of every age and intellect. The regular Bachelor and Master programs in Hospitality Management hold the highest value when it comes to pursuing a healthy career in hotel, hospitality or travel & tourism sectors. Additionally, the online MBA program in hospitality (80% online) also helps students to achieve a dual degree in leadership, risk management, and hospitality trends sitting at their own locations.


The short programs in Culinary Arts, Restaurant Management, various online certificates in Revenue Management, Real estate developments, Hotel Chain development & Investments, Distribution Strategies, Hotel E-Platforms and E-Commerce Chains, Budgeting & Forecasting, etc. make students eligible and capable of taking strong business decisions and choosing wise career paths ahead.




ECTS or European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System is the accreditation body for European Educational Institutions while, NECHE or The New England Commission of Higher Education in the United States, also recognized by the Council for Higher Education Accreditation (CHEA), and US Department of Education( USDE) is of the highest recognized accreditation body in the United States. Having these two accreditations strictly ensures that its education standards, methodology, curriculum, programs, and examination standards are met. Thus, EHL programs have become internationally recognized all over the world.


Large, Diversified & International Business Network


The gift now numbered a remarkable 25,000, across the world, with 70 alumni chapters, enables EHL to create a very strong business network irrespective of the terrains. EHLS maintains intense relations with all of them by promoting events and gatherings, regional reunions, and guest visits to the campus. These graduates are successfully established at different corners of the world into International Chains, independent hotels, consulting businesses, restaurant chains, luxury brands, NGOs and healthcare sectors, Finance & Real Estate businesses, and many others. Students studying in EHL will find excellent insight and knowledge as these professionals share their cohesive experiences and business skills with them at regular intervals. Students also find opportunities for working with them later in their lives.


Entrepreneurial skills through SBP


EHL encourages and pays special attention to cultivating any inbuilt potential within students to become successful entrepreneurs in their lives. For this, they have developed the Students Business Projects (SBP) which are consulting projects strategized by the final year today in a team of 6 and over a period of 9 weeks.


Each team is guided by two expert coaches who help them through complete research, methodology, preparation, and presentation. With this, students find a cherished exposure to Making Business Plan, Proposals & Projections; Product Development; Market Research; Sales & Business Development; Customer Needs & Experience.


Students are also encouraged to dredge up solutions to different industry problems and concerns by indulging in research projects that are recognized and rewarded by the institute.


Corporate Social Responsibility


Students, at the onset of their career, are inculcated with the idea of the enormous accountability they would be held as responsible citizens while in between their careers. Linked with the above, they are advised to design projects in alignment with social needs and demands. One of their projects is customarily selected to be handed over to an organization free of cost. A committed is selected to ensure that the best benefits are achieved by such organizations on behalf of society.


So, as you can see, EHL tops any list of Best Hospitality Institutes worldwide, that you may think of, and if you have plans to gather an international degree, support, business network, and contacts together with a cosmopolitan art and culture experience, percipient knowledge and also getting to know latest trends in the industry, EHL will be the best choice to help you out.



Wish to know about Courses, Admissions, and Scholarships EHL? Visit this page!




About Parinita Gupta: Parinita is a full-time banking professional. Additionally, she is also a passionate blogger and digital marketer.

She mostly writes about the Banking & Finance, Technology, and FinTech sector. But, she also enjoys writing on other topics as well.  You can follow her on Twitter.




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Author: Tanmoy Ray

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