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Expert tips and tricks to crack JEE Advanced

By Randhir Kumar, CEO, BasicFirst

With less than 10 days to go for the JEE Advanced 2018,close to 1.6 lakh students must be burning the midnight oil to with an aim to secure admission in the top IITs. As the clock ticks away, students preparing for the competitive entrance exam are advised to make the most of their time and incorporate smart strategies that will assist them to ace the JEE Advanced 2018 effectively. Here are a few last-minute tips that can help students to smoothly sail through their last-minute preparations:

Plan your study:

Being methodical and disciplined is very important to crack JEE Advanced 2018 Examination. You should establish definite goals to be achieved ever a dayan stick to it. Analyze whether you achieved the goal or not before you go to bed. Make a time table and layout clearly what you need to achieve each day.

Try to include following goals to your daily list:
• Focus on the analytical skills
• Solve numerical related to the topic
• Solve atleast one sample paper, practice paper or previous years’ paper

Don’t start any new topic, it’s time to revise
On the last leg, instead of taking up new topics and learning it, revise the course. During this time, you need to put more efforts into practice all that you have learned. In case of doubts or clarifications, you are advised to call up your teachers, coaching experts to resolve your doubts, and get your queries clarified. Don’t waste time on learning a new topic when you could strengthen what you already know
Practice makes you perfect

Since this is the first time the JEE Advanced is being held online and IIT Kanpur has made available mock tests. So, make the best use of it. Try to practice as much as possible to understand the exam pattern, gauge your preparation level and lagging areas. One crucial advantage you will get out of this exercise is proper time management.

Focus on conceptual clarity

Questions in JEE Advanced are highly application based. You must strengthen your understanding of the core concepts and apply it. Only conceptual clarity will help you crack any problem in the paper with ease. Rote learning techniques cannot be applied everywhere.

Aim at 30 % hit rate for a 100 percent result: JEE aspirants cannot afford to make a single mistake in the competitive exam. Due to negative marking, losing even a mark may cost students a seat in their desired college. While attempting mock test papers, focus on 30 percent questions on which you are confident then focus on other questions to avoid negative marking.

Stay Healthy

Drink more and more water before and during the exam to keep your body hydrate and boost your mental performance. Stay calm and do not let stress take a toll over your body. Practice a few simple exercises or perform yoga/meditation regularly. A calm mind is a productive one and helps to focus better on the exam. Practice positive self-talks and let go of negative thoughts that can hamper your preparations.
With just about a few days left for JEE Advanced 2018, every student should optimize their time and make use of these aforementioned tips to give the best shot for the exam.

Author: Stoodnt Guest Author

Stoodnt Guest Author are experts, professors, teachers, tutors and professionals who want to share their advice, insights and guidance to students, young professionals and others.


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