Fall 2019 UG (Freshman) Application Deadlines for Top US Colleges

Looking at to join a top US college after Class 12 in the fall 2019 intake (Class of 2023)? When it comes to getting admitted to the top elite colleges in the US, timing is everything. From taking the SAT/ACT to writing your personal essay(s) & recommendations, to submitting your Common App, the process takes months to complete. Hence, it is very critical to get aware of the application deadline – early action (EA), early decision (ED), and regular deadlines. In this post, we will look at the Fall 2019 UG (Freshman) Application Deadlines for Top US Colleges (Class of 2023) along with their overall acceptance rates.


Early Decision and Early Application plans can be advantageous to students. Typically, the acceptance rates are significantly higher during the early decision and early application rounds than in the regular application rounds. Have a look at the early application (EA & EA) statistics for the Class of 2022 and the Class of 2021 for the top colleges in the US. Know more about the 5 types of college application deadlinesEarly DecisionEarly Action, Single Choice Early Action, Regular Decision, and Rolling AdmissionCollege Application Deadlines for Undergraduate Studies in the US


However, these decisions can be binding and are only beneficial if the student has carefully chosen his college options and has a clear preference towards one institution. This is where a balanced college list is a vital key to the college admission process.


Read how to create a sensible college list using current results and why it’s not a good idea to look just at the average while creating your college list. Now, let’s look at the college application deadlines for the Class of 2023.


Fall 2019 UG (Freshman) Application Deadlines for the Top US Colleges


CollegeED/EA DeadlineRegular DeadlineOverall Acceptance Rate
American UniversityNov 15 (ED1) / Jan 15 (ED2)Jan 1526%
Amherst CollegeNov 1 (ED)Jan 114%
Boston CollegeNov 1 (EA)Jan 129%
Boston UniversityNov 1 (ED1) / Jan 2 (ED2)Jan 233%
Bowdoin CollegeNov 15 (ED)Jan 115%
Brown UniversityNov 1 (ED)Jan 17%
Bucknell UniversityNov 15 (ED)Jan 1530%
CalTechNov 1 (EA)Jan 39%
Carleton CollegeNov 15 (ED)Jan 1523%
Carnegie Mellon Nov 1 (ED)Jan 124%
Claremont McKenna CollegeNov 1 (ED)Jan 19%
Colby CollegeNov 15 (ED)Jan 119%
Colgate UniversityNov 15 (ED)Jan 1527%
Colorado CollegeNov 10 (EA)Jan 1516%
Columbia UniversityNov 1 (ED)Jan 16%
Cornell UniversityNov 1 (ED)Jan 215%
Dartmouth CollegeNov 1 (ED)Jan 19%
Davidson CollegeNov 15 (ED)Jan 220%
Duke UniversityNov 1 (ED)Jan 313%
Emory UniversityNov 1 (ED1) / Jan 1 (ED2)Jan 125%
Georgia TechOct 15 (EA)Jan 132%
Georgetown UniversityNov 1 (EA)Jan 1015%
Grinnell CollegeNov 15 (ED)Jan 1520%
Hamilton CollegeNov 15 (ED)Jan 126%
Harvard UniversityNov 1 (EA) - Restrictive or single choice early actionJan 15%
Harvey Mudd CollegeNov 15 (ED)Jan 513%
Haverford CollegeNov 15 (ED)Jan 1521%
Johns Hopkins UniversityNov 1 (ED)Jan 213%
Kenyon CollegeNov 15 (ED)Jan 1527%
Macalester CollegeNov 15 (ED1) / Jan 1 (ED2)Jan 1537%
Middlebury CollegeNov 1 (ED)Jan 120%
MITNov 1 (EA)Jan 18%
New York UniversityNov 1 (ED1) / Jan 1 (ED2)Jan 127%
Northwestern UniversityNov 1 (ED)Jan 18%
Oberlin CollegeNov 15 (ED)Jan 1528%
Princeton UniversityNov 1 (EA) - Restrictive or single choice early actionJan 16%
Pomona CollegeNov 1 (ED1) / Jan 1 (ED2)Jan 19%
Scripps CollegeNov 15 (ED)Jan 430%
Smith CollegeNov 15 (ED1) / Jan 1 (ED2)Jan 1537%
Stanford UniversityNov 1 (EA) - Restrictive or single choice early actionJan 25%
Tufts UniversityNov 1 (ED1) / Jan 1 (ED2)Jan 114%
University of California (Berkeley, Los Angeles and Others)NANov 3017 - 18%
University of ChicagoNov 1 (ED1) / Jan 1 (ED2)Jan 18%
University of PennsylvaniaNov 1 (ED)Jan 58%
UNC Chapel HillOct 15 (EA)Jan 3027%
University of ChicagoNov 1 (EA)Jan 28%
University of FloridaNov 1 (EA)Mar 1 - Application considered on space-available basis46%
University of Michigan - Ann ArborNov 1 (EA)Feb 129%
University of Minnesota - Twin CitiesNov 1 (EA)Jan 145%
University of Notre DameNov 1 (EA) - Restrictive or single choice early actionJan 119%
University of Southern CaliforniaNAJan 1516%
UT AustinNADec 140%
University of VirginiaNov 1 (EA)Jan 130%
University of WashingtonNAFeb 1546%
University of Wisconsin-MadisonNov 1 (EA)Feb 153%
Vanderbilt UniversityNov 1 (ED1) / Jan 1 (ED2)Jan 111%
Vassar CollegeNov 15 (ED)Jan 127%
Villanova UniversityNov 1 (ED)Jan 1544%
Wellesley CollegeNov 1 (ED1) / Jan 1 (ED2)Jan 1519%
Wesleyan UniversityNov 15 (ED)Jan 118%
Williams CollegeNov 15 (ED)Jan 118%
Yale UniversityNov 1 (EA) - Restrictive or single choice early actionJan 210%


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