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      Fall 2020 Application Deadlines & GRE Requirements for MS in USA | Fall 2020 Deadlines for MS in US

      Fall 2020 Deadlines & GRE Requirements for MS in USA

      As we all know, the US is by far the most popular destination for international students owing to its strong reputation for teaching, research, infrastructure, innovation, and job opportunities. Here are the Fall 2020 application deadlines for MS in USA along with the average GRE scores requirements (top 60 universities in the US).


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      The US has been the top attractant for foreign students for decades, especially from the STEM fields because of the presence of several technology hubs and also due to the recent changes in the H-1B visa rules (effective from April 30, 2019). So, it’s not a surprise that several MS aspirants aim at the US every year. The acceptance rates at the top US universities (Ivy League and Elite Schools) are around 5 – 7%. The figure is slightly encouraging for other universities, but it’s still very competitive. One of the keys to getting the edge over other applicants is getting started early. Hence, it is very important to know the application deadlines and GRE scores requirements.

      Fall 2020 Deadlines and GRE Requirements for MS in USA

      UniversityDeadlineGRE Quants (Range / Average)GRE Verbal (Range / Average) 
      Harvard UniversityDec 1 / Dec 15 / Jan 2155 - 170155 - 166Official Page
      Stanford UniversityDec 3, 2019167161Official Page
      MITDec 1 / Dec 15, 2019155 - 167155 - 163Official Page
      CalTechDec 1 / Dec 15 / Jan 1164 - 168159 - 166Official Page
      UC BerkeleyDec 2 / Dec 9 / Dec 16166158Official Page
      Georgia TechDec 16 / Feb 1164155Official Page
      UT AustinDec 1 / Dec 7 / Jan 7157 - 168155Official Page
      Carnegie MellonDec 15, 2019 / Jan 15, 2020163159Official Page
      Wisconsin-MadisonDec 15, 2019 / Jan 1, 2020166157Official Page
      Cornell UniversityDec 3 / Jan 1 / Feb 1161 – 165149 – 153Official Page
      Yale UniversityDec 15 / Jan 2160 - 167155 - 165Official Page
      Illinois Urbana ChampaignDec 15 / Jan 15159 - 166155 - 162Computer Science
      Duke UniversityJan 1 / Jan 15154 - 160160 - 165Official Page
      Univerity of ChicagoJan 4 / Apr 5, 2020161156Official Page
      University of Pennsylvania Nov 15 / Feb 1 / Mar 15166155Official Page
      University of MichiganJan 15, 2020167155Official Page
      Northwestern UniversityDec 15, 2019157 - 161151 - 160Official Page
      Purdue UniversityDec 15, 2019 (Priority & Financial Aid) / May 1, 2020 (Final)164158 - 161Official Page
      Columbia UniversityDec 15 / Feb 15156 - 170154 - 167Official Page
      Arizona State UniversityDec 1 / Dec 15 / Dec 31 / Jan 15162150Official Page
      Johns Hopkins UniversityDec 22 / Jan 4 / Feb 15160 - 165155 - 169Official Page
      Rice UniversityJan 15 / Mar 15, 2020165161Official Page
      New York University (NYU)Dec 15, 2019164152Official Page
      University of Southern California (USC)Dec 15, 2019 (Scholarship) / Jan 15, 2020 (Final)155 - 167151 - 162Official Page
      UC Los Angeles (UCLA)Dec 1 / Dec 5, 2019163154Official Page
      UC San DiegoDec 17, 2019 (anticipated)167159Official Page
      UC DavisDec 1 / Jan 5 / Jan 15 / Apr 1161152Official Page
      University of Maryland, College ParkDec 15 (Financial AId) / Mar 6 (Final)160154Official Page
      Princeton UniversityNov 15 / Dec 1 / Dec 15 / Dec 31 / Jan 2163161Official Page
      University of FloridaDec 31 / Jan 15151 - 165148 - 155Official Page
      University of MinnesotaFeb 1 / Mar 1, 2020163155Official Page
      Brown UniversityMar 15 / Apr 15, 2020152 - 165152 - 157Official Page
      Colorado School of MinesDec 15 & Jan 5 (Priority) / Mar 1 (Final)160155Official Page
      Texas A&MDec 1 / Jan 15158 - 164157Official Page
      North Carolina State University (Raleigh)Mar 1, 2020157153Official Page
      UC Santa BarbaraDec 15, 2020158 – 163150 - 156Official Page
      Ohio State UniversityJan 31 / Feb 1158154Official Page
      Virginia TechApr 1, 2020155 - 161154 - 159Official Page
      University of Colorado BoulderDec 1 / Dec 15158154Official Page
      Penn StateDec 15, 2020153 - 158149 - 152Official Page
      Boston UniversityJan 15, 2020157 - 160151 - 155Official Page
      UC IrvineDec 15 / Jan 15155155Official Page
      Northeastern UniversityJan 15 (Funding) / May 15 (Final)158145 - 149Official Page
      Vanderbilt UniversityJan 15, 2020158-162157 - 161Official Page
      University of VirginiaDec 15, 2019 (Scholarship) / Apr 1, 2020 (Final Deadline)160156Official Page
      Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute Jan 1, 2020163159Official Page
      University of DelawareJan 15 / Feb 1 (Scholarship) / Mar 1 / Apr 1 (Final)150 - 155146 - 150Official Page
      University of PittsburghDec 1 / Mar 1155151Official Page
      Case Western Reserve UniversityDec 15 / Jan 15158 - 164155 - 160Official Page
      University of Notre DameDec 15, 2019 (anticipated)163155Official Page
      Dartmouth CollegeJan 1, 2020164158Official Page
      Rutgers State University of New JerseyDec 1, 2019 (Funding) and Feb 1 / Mar 1, 2020 (Final)160150Official Page
      University of Tennessee KnoxvilleFeb 1, 2020156- 161154 - 158Official Page
      UT DallasJan 15 (Priority) / May 1 (Final Deadline)156154Official Page
      Michigan StateDec 30 (Financial Aid Deadline)164153Official Page
      Iowa State UniversityJan 15, 2020155 - 160154Official Page
      University of RochesterJan 1 / Feb 15160155Official Page
      University of North Carolina – CharlotteMar 1, 2020157 – 161152 - 158Official Page
      University of North Carolina – Chapel HillDec 3 / Dec 10, 2019 (Financial Aid) and Jan 15, 2020 (Final)154 - 159149 - 155Official Page
      University of UtahApr 1, 2020151156Official Page

      At the majority of universities, deadlines vary from program to program. So, do check the individual pages of the university websites as well. For your convenience, the links to the official pages have been included as well.

      You must also consider submitting applications at least 2 weeks before the deadlines in order to improve your admission chances.

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      Best Online Courses to Improve your Admission & Scholarship Chances and Job Prospects as International Student

      Core Engineering (Mechanical, Electrical & Electronics) and Physical Sciences

      Fundamentals of Fluid-Solid Interactions – École Polytechnique

      Statistical Thermodynamics: Molecules to Machines – Carnegie Mellon University

      Introduction to Thermodynamics – University of Michigan

      Power Electronics – University of Colorado Boulder

      Introduction to Engineering Mechanics – Georgia Institute of Technology

      Applications in Engineering Mechanics – Georgia Institute of Technology

      The Finite Element Method for Problems in Physics – University of Michigan

      Engineering Systems in Motion: Dynamics of Particles and Bodies in 2D Motion – Georgia Tech

      Mechanics: Motion, Forces, Energy & Gravity, from Particles to Planets – UNSW

      Machine Design Part 1 – Georgia Tech

      Statistical Mechanics: Algorithms and Computations – ENS

      Introduction to Embedded Systems Software and Development Environments – University of Colorado Boulder

      Introduction to FPGA Design for Embedded Systems – University of Colorado Boulder

      Digital Manufacturing and Design Technology – SUNY Buffalo

      Electric Industry Operations and Markets – Duke University

      Nanotechnology and Nanosensors – Technion – Israel Institute of Technology

      Robotics: Computational Motion Planning – University of Pennsylvania

      Modern Robotics: Mechanics, Planning, and Control Specialization – Northwestern University

      Intelligent Machining – SUNY Buffalo

      Introduction to Cyber Security – New York University

      Introduction to Systems Engineering – University of New South Wales

      MS Admissions in USA

      Electrical-Electronics, Civil/Structural Engineering, and Renewable Energy

      Solar Energy, Photovoltaic Cells, and Microgrids – TU Delft

      Photovoltaic Solar Energy – Ecole Polytechnic

      Organic Solar Cells – Technical University of Denmark

      Renewable Energy and Green Building Entrepreneurship – Duke University

      Wind Resources for Renewable Energy – Ecole Polytechnic

      Planning & Design of Sanitation Systems and Technologies – EPFL

      Construction Management – Columbia University

      Geographic Information Systems – UC Davis

      Fundamentals of Global Energy Business – University of Colorado Denver

      Oil & Gas Industry Operations and Markets – Duke University

      Architecting Smart IoT Devices – EIT Digital

      Electric Utilities Fundamentals and Future – University of Colorado

      Step by Step Arduino – Udemy

      IoT Apps: How to Work with Arduino, Raspberry Pi and ESP8266 – Udemy

      SAP HANA Internet of Things (IoT): Raspberry, Uno, PubNub, UI5 – Udemy

      Interfacing with Arduino – UC Irvine

      Fall 2020 Deadlines for MS in USA

      IT & Computer Science

      Agile Software Development – University of Virginia

      Algorithms – Stanford University

      Computer Architecture – Princeton University

      Introduction to Programming – University of Edinburgh, Universidad ORT Uruguay

      Java Programming and Software Engineering – Duke University

      HTML, CSS, and Javascript for Web Developers – Johns Hopkins University

      Full Stack Web and Multiplatform Mobile App Development – HKUST

      Software Product Management – University of Alberta

      Android App Development – Vanderbilt University

      Software Design and Architecture – University of Alberta

      R Programming – Johns Hopkins University

      Python Programming – Wesleyan University

      Single Page Web Applications with AngularJS – Johns Hopkins University

      Angular 6 (Complete Guide) – Udemy

      The Complete Web Developer Course – Udemy

      Software Security – University of Maryland

      Big Data – UC San Diego

      Crash Course in Data Science – Johns Hopkins University

      Machine Learning with Big Data – UC San Diego

      Python for Data Science and Machine Learning – Udemy

      Machine Learning A-Z™: Hands-On Python & R In Data Science – Udemy

      Sources of Deadlines and GRE Scores: University Websites, Magoosh, PrepScholar, Quora.

      Author: Tanmoy Ray

      I am a Career Adviser & MS Admission Consultant. Additionally, I also manage online marketing at Stoodnt. I did my Masters from the UK (Aston University) and have worked at the University of Oxford (UK), Utrecht University (Netherlands), University of New South Wales (Australia) and MeetUniversity (India).


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