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      Free Photoshop YouTube Tutorials for Beginners in Hindi & English. #FreeLearnSeries

      Free Photoshop Tutorials for Beginners in Hindi and English

      Hello there! Welcome to the second article in the #FreeLearnSeries. In the first article under this series, I have discussed Free Digital Marketing Tutorials for Beginners in Hindi & English. In this article, I’m going to suggest some cool YouTube channels to learn about the trending visual design tool “Photoshop”.

      Digital Skills

      With the evolving rapid technology, many new opportunities came into the limelight. And with these new opportunities, plenty of tools were introduced to improve the quality of work. Same with the digital art and photo editing tools, there are hundreds of software out there in the market. But Photoshop remanded the prime editing tool for designers and photographers for decades.

      Over the years it has improved drastically compared to the older versions. Photoshop now can do any kind of design-related things, whether it can be graphic design, User Interface (UI) Design, photo editing, or even animations. 

      Nowadays If you’re an IT Student/working professional or If you’re from BBA/MBA background it’s still very important for you to learn at least the basics of graphic and visual design to sustain in the digital world and Photoshop will be the perfect tool for you.

      Online Courses

      There are thousands of online courses available for learning such tools. One can easily opt for those and get their basics clear. But I would suggest to go for some YouTube tutorials first, Spend some time around it, learn the fundamentals and get your basics clear. Then opt for any good online course certification for high-level photoshop courses/programs. By doing this you’ll be able to learn the pro-level skills easily and this experience would surely replicate in your work and creativity.

      I’m a graphic designer and have been working in this field for the last 2 years. Based on the knowledge and experience on graphic design tools and skills, I have suggested 5 Best Hindi & English YouTube channels to follow for learning the basics of Photoshop for free. And at the end I have given some “highly enrolled” photoshop online certification course links from top Ed-tech firms which will help in your Job Search/Internship.

      Best 5 Hindi YouTube channels to learn Photoshop basics:

      Channel 1: GFXMentor 

      This series of Photoshop is for beginners in Urdu / Hindi language. Although this is for beginners but even seasoned Photoshop users can also benefit with these videos as this is the most detailed course on Photoshop available in Urdu / Hindi Language.

      With more than 877k subscribers, GFXMentor is one of the best channel to learn photoshop. Check the playlist “here

      Channel 2: Tamoor Pardasi 

      Tamoor academy is one of emerged and leading institute where you gain a sufficient and easier knowledge of adobe Photoshop In Hindi. In his he’ll teach you how to use Photoshop for creating logos and monograms along with stylish photo editing skills.

      With more than 714k subscribers, Tamoor Pardasi is one of the best channel to learn photoshop. Check the playlist “here

      Channel 3: Rajeev Mehta 

      Rajeev worked as a Graphic Designer, Photographer and Filmmaker from the last 12  Years . In his channel you will get  Photoshop tutorials along with Hindi. For Graphic Design, Photography, Film making, social Media Marketing in Hindi. 

      With more than 324k subscribers, Graphic Design Hindi Me is one of the best channel to learn photoshop. Check the playlist “here

      Channel 4: Graphic Design Hindi Me 

      This channel Created by Om Chinchwankar, an Award-winning Indian Graphic Designer having 15+ years of experience in Graphic Design Field. He has created this channel to guide, motivate & educate aspiring graphic designers. In his channel apart from Photoshop, You can also find other editing tools like Illustrator, CorelDraw, After Effects and InDesign.

      With more than 238k subscribers, Graphic Design Hindi Me is one of the best channel to learn photoshop. Check the playlist “here

      channel 5: Billi 4 You

      This is a 1 hour 48 mins long complete Photoshop tutorial video. This video is specially for Photoshop beginners. In this video Tausif (Founder of this channel) will teach how to use all the basic tools and settings in the software. Prepare a strong coffee and have a little patience. After the completion of this course, I’m sure you’ll be able to design creative banners and cool photo edits on your own.

      With more than 1.38M subscribers, Billi 4 you is one of the best channel to learn photoshop.

      Best 5 English YouTube channels to learn Photoshop basics:

      Channel 1: PiXimperfect

      This series consists of tutorials for beginners as well as some advanced users on the important and fundamental tools and features of Photoshop. These can be termed as “Lifelines” of Photoshop.

      If you get these basics right, you will understand not only “how it happens” but also “why it happens” which will eventually lead to educate and answer you on “how to make it happen”. If you are a beginner, start here! All the very best.

      With more than 2.47M subscribers, PiXimperfect is one of the best channel to learn photoshop. Check the playlist “here

      Channel 2: PHLEARN

      Through quick lessons and real-world examples, you’ll learn how to improve your photos, help people look their very best, and share your ideas with the world. We’ve spent the last 10 years perfecting Photoshop education, so that you can master Photoshop.

      With more than 1.92M subscribers, PHLEARN is one of the best channel to learn photoshop. Check the playlist “here

      Channel 3: Photoshop Training Channel 

      Hosted by Jesus Ramirez, This channel has been around since 2012. Here you will find professional Adobe Photoshop Tutorials for photo manipulation, compositing, retouching, text effects, and much more.

      Jesus keeps the Photoshop tutorials concise, simple, and fluff-free. PTC’s mantra is simple: “just show me how you did that.” He has worked as a professional digital artist for over 15 years with some of the biggest brands in the world, including Adobe, Microsoft, Motorola, Conde Nast, and many others. 

      With more than 1.18M subscribers, Photoshop Training Channel is one of the best channel to learn photoshop. Check the playlist “here

      Channel 4: Photoshop Tutorials

      In this channel you’ll learn complete photoshop tips and tricks videos. This Channel will show you some tips that you can use while designing magazine cover, social media banners, logo design and other kinds of photo editing tricks and also some tips about using fonts and colors in photoshop.

      With more than 533k subscribers, Photoshop Tutorials is one of the best channel to learn photoshop. Check the playlist “here

      Channel 5: Mir Rom 

      Here you can find all kinds of Photo editing and Visual design video tutorials free from Amir of MirRom. This channel provides Photoshop specific tutorials for Digital Art, Photo Manipulation, Posters, Flyers, Movie Posters and Web Design.

      With more than 237k subscribers, Mir Rom is one of the best channel to learn photoshop. Check the playlist “here

      Enroll in one of these online certification courses and learn Photoshop from top universities and industry leaders: 

      Thanks for the Read!

      Author: Rao Purna

      I’m a Graduate, Currently working with Stoodnt as Marketing & Customer Support Executive. I’m into Digital Marketing, UX Designing, Visual Designing (Graphic designing, UI), Blogging and Video Editing. If you have any queries, drop a mail at


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