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      The Importance of a Good College Essay

      The Importance of a Good College Essay

      There are many variables within the college application paradigm. Students are taught to strive towards achieving high grades, top SAT, and ACT scores. Additionally, students are encouraged to participate in extra-curriculum activities, especially those that indicate public awareness and service. It is true; these factions are monumentally important. However, the college application essay is vital.


      The Importance of a Good College Essay


      Colleges and universities receive thousands of submissions every year. Educational institutions review materials from students, all of whom have similar grades, SAT and ACT scores. Additionally, several students may have outside activities that have the same scope and importance.


      The college essay is an integral component of the final decision about a student’s acceptance into undergraduate and graduate programs. This document is the individual’s chance to make an impression; to show career aspirations, personal and professional experiences, educational goals, and some indication that the school’s curriculum would be beneficial to the student’s professional plans.


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      The college essay is monumentally critical; analyzed with considerable diligence. It should be grammatically correct, and the substance astutely articulated. It should present the student as a thoughtful, analytical person with a thirst for knowledge. Acceptance is the ultimate goal for every student. The essay should be one more tool utilized to present the student as an asset to the student community, college or university.


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      I am passionate about higher education. My underlying philosophy about higher education is as follows: Education is the gateway to success, both personally and professionally. Aside from being an education consultant, I enjoy helping students create and fine-tune college essays.


      Here is the feedback from a few students who worked with me on their college applications:


      “Remarkable experience! Dr. Grace Hinds saved me from anxiety by always being there to answer my questions. She set-up regular sessions to talk about the progress of my applications. She was extremely supportive and informative throughout the entire process. I would surely recommend her services to others.” – Sanjana S.


      “Dr. Hinds was extremely kind and helpful from the beginning of our sessions. She played a big part in helping me craft my essays; additionally, she was able to give me valuable insight concerning American colleges and universities. Dr. Hinds is an experienced college admissions team member.” – Yash K.


      “It was a pleasure working with Dr. Hinds. My senior year was extremely hectic. Trying to balance classes with extra-curricular activities was a challenge. Dr. Hinds’ assistance with my college applications and essays was an asset. She was able to analyze and perfect my submissions. I attribute a significant amount of my success to her commitment and professionalism.” Jada P.


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      Author: Grace Hinds

      Grace Hinds (M.Ed. & Ph.D. in Higher Education) is passionate about helping students succeed in college degree and certificate programs. She is an education administrator and adjunct professor with over twelve years of experience. Ms. Hinds started her education career as an admissions officer, subsequently, she’s held the following college executive titles: director of student services, acting dean of students, adjunct professor, higher education consultant, senior academic advisor to master’s degree students, and director/chair of academic advisement and success programs.


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