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How Networking Is A Prerequisite For Business Growth – Q & A With Shaan S Khanna – Founder Networking Now

Shaan S KhannaFounder Spicy Sangria and Networking Now – has always been a fan of connecting people in different fields of work and knowing about startup’s and the amazing concepts and brands people build. Since friends and family had a habit of asking Khanna about new products, where to get things, how to know more, she decided to create a close knit serious group where people can connect and grow together! Thus she started at 10 people and is now clocking at 50,000 -growing daily.


Strong, suave and yet stealth, Shaan is a people’s person with immense tact and overflowing confidence. Having been in the events industry for over a decade and being an entrepreneur since the age of 15, she has an unmatched perspective on the industry as a whole and strives to create that safe and supportive community through her Networking Now initiative. With feathers like Spicy Sangria, Bombay Fusion Food Festival and Networking Now India in her cap, she is the flag bearer of the thought that dedication, passion and hard work is what it takes to build oneself up from scratch and then protect and construct that empire to achieve bigger successes along the way. Let’s delve deep into her story as a feisty entrepreneur.


Scroll down for an excerpt of her interview with –


Q. How does the platform work?


A. Currently we’re a Facebook platform of 50,000 professionals and entrepreneurs. You sign up on our website which grants you access to our member only networking events, workshops, panel discussions and start up pitch sessions. Therefore only if you’re a member of our community are you granted access to our Facebook group.


Q. Why networking is now a prerequisite for business growth?


A. In today’s digital age connecting people across continents is so much easier. Therefore being part of online networking groups, offline events can really help with business enhancement. People connect at events and work together for years to come. Networking also helps you hear feedback via referral, word of mouth and genuine business leads.. Its always a win win situation for both parties and helps everyone!


Q. What are the key points for developing business network?


A. It’s important to have the right circle and create the right network which can help you grow. Always have likeminded entrepreneurs or professionals and those that really believe in what you do. 


Create a network where you can grow together and know the value you’re creating too.


Networking is important so always be on time, respect others time, make a lasting impression and never over sell.


Q. How has technology helped in building professional networks?


A. Today social media has helped in literally building brands from scratch. People don’t print portfolios any longer and have mostly gone digital. Your social media handles often represent your work, product. It’s become far easier for entrepreneurs to connect to customers and clients and for brands to sell their products thanks to technology.

Q. What are your suggestions for start-ups and new age entrepreneurs about building networks?


A. I’d say definitely join as many start up groups that you can, attend talks, listen to experts and leaders in the field you’re interested in. Find out about different meet ups where you know you can pitch your product, meet people who can help you grow and give you the correct feedback or advice. Customer feedback is most essential in the growth stage.


With social media, LinkedIn and even networking it’s easy to meet leaders in the industry you’re in so reach out to people to connect you as people are often happy to give advice to new age entrepreneurs too.


Q. Anything else you want to share?


A. Network the right way and build your business to its potential literally sitting at your desk. Don’t forget helping someone else isn’t going to lower your business it in fact somehow always grows yours.



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Author: Baishali Mukherjee

Profile- An independent writer and journalist for last nine years; presently working with Education World, Entrepreneur India, and Worked as the content head for four books and have articles and features published in leading print and digital media spaces.


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