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      How to Become a Product Manager in India | Product Management Careers & Jobs

      With the digital boom in India, product management jobs have also become a hot trend. There’s never been a more exciting time to be a product manager. But, there is no fixed path for becoming a product manager. It’s just that you have to forge your own path into a product management career. This post will discuss on how to become a product manager.

      Product Management Careers & Jobs

      Product management lies at the intersection of business, technology, and design, combining strategy, marketing, leadership, and other skills with the end goal of launching an amazing product. It’s all about solving problems with technology and how people use that technology. Product management very close to roles like brand management or project management. But, product managers often address more technical products, like; industrial goods, online services, software products or books, which fall under one particular name. As a product manager, you will be developing pricing, distributing and promoting a particular product or line of products. As a PM, you are the voice of the users.

      Your work will never be complete, and users’ problems will never be 100% solved. It’s a weird world, but definitely fascinating. However, these are prime jobs – lucrative and sexy. Let’s have a look how to get into product management. Know more about the Product Management Careers & Jobs by watching the 2.5 minutes video below.

      Common myths about the Product Management Jobs

      It’s also important to know some of the myths.

      It’s not exactly a powerful leadership role, and you won’t directly manage people.

      PM jobs pay well, but not like management consulting, financial services or engineering management. The average annual salaries would be between INR 605, 677 and 2, 560, 554 (Source:

      Product managers don’t write the codes, don’t do the UI/UX design, and don’t sell – well, technically. Product Managers ensures that the right product is built and it reaches the customers in the right way. This would mean research, strategy, and communication.

      Don’t Become a Product Engineer if……

      How to Become a Product Manager in India – Basic Steps

      You can end up in a Product Management career path in almost any industry. But in India, few sectors provide more opportunities. Know more about the top industries in India for Product Management careers. PM jobs are not easy for fresh college graduates, and even MBA graduates. However, it’s not like that you need to be an engineer or MBA graduate for becoming a product engineer. To be honest, there is no normal path to become a product manager. But, you could definitely try the following steps.

      Acquire the Essential Skills and Attributes

      Being a product manager, you need to have few technical skills. Besides, you must also develop and refine your skills on communication, selling, business acumen, out-of-box thinking, competitive and market intelligence, ability to see the bigger picture, domain/industry knowledge, evangelism, persuasion, relationship development etc. Know more about the essential non-technical and essential technical product management skills.

      Reading & Researching

      You need to read a lot on what’s happening in the industry. Make a habit to read blogs and news on ProductHunt, TechCrunch, Growth Hacking, Ken Norton’s blog, Marty Cagan’s blog etc. You need to be social media savvy as well.

      Identify and utilize your hobbies and interests

      If you are into sports and cricket, you can consider positions in the gaming and e-sports industry. If photography is your hobby, explore positions in photo management or portfolio management companies.


      Can’t stress more on this, and there is no alternative for this.


      You really need to be a self-starter. Don’t wait till the higher management asks you to solve the users’ problems.

      Forge Your Way

      To be honest, it’s tough to get in as a fresh graduate unless you are an MBA from top ranked B-School; still not easy though. Read Career Change from Software IT to Product Management after MBAMasters in Engineering Management, Product Management, and Technology Management are also good alternatives. Besides, you could also pursue programs in Data Science or Business Analytics. If you want to start slow, go for some short online courses.

      You should take a technical job or marketing job, sales job and work on the product. Product managers are like mini-GM or mini-CEO who work in collaboration with numerous different departments within a company, including research and development, advertising, sales and public relations. Some of the tasks that these experts carry out on a daily basis include:

      • Planning from a technical perspective
      • Figuring out which features to include on the website (if any)
      • Helping out with marketing the site
      • Addressing the users directly
      • Helping the executive team formulate a strategic vision for the future.
      • Developing business
      • Solving problems
      • Coordinating with different departments

      Once you start handling the above duties, you need to impress the product owners, senior product folks, and stakeholders. You need to grasp every area of running a product business around pricing, marketing, technology, channel etc. Go with the flow, and keep learning. You will get closer to product management with experience.

      Want to know more?

      Watch the following video!

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