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How to choose a guidance counselor for college admissions?

how to choose counselor

There are a few things, all of which relate to alignment with your interests, to keep in mind as you select your guidance counselor:


  1.  Face to Face – If you are the kind of person that would benefit from a face to face interaction then it would best make sense to pick someone local. Ask fellow students, teachers, or school staff for recommendations
  2.    Financial strategies – In a similar vein, studying in the US can be expensive as well. With tuition, boarding and lodging topping $50K / year, look for counselors who understand college financing strategies.
  3.    Objectivity – some counselors have “affiliations” with certain colleges and may want to peddle those schools to you. Be aware of that, unless the choice of your colleges overlaps with that peddled set.
  4.    Sports – If you play a sport, then that might require a counselor who has special knowledge. Each sport has its own set of idiosyncrasies and understanding that is important for the admissions process. It very well may be that you take the help of two counselors – one for academics and the other for sports.
  5.     Budget – Independent guidance counselors can get expensive. So, know what your budget is and choose wisely.

Author: John Shapiro


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