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      International Student Numbers Rise in UK Despite Covid19 Fears!

      Student with face mask standing near London bridge

      Covid-19 is a name we’re these days so familiar with, which no one can neglect. I mean how is anyone supposed to, we’ve lost so many innocent lives, homes, and our daily routine to this dreadful crisis. These contingencies have inadvertently thwarted studies and travel. We were not permitted to travel abroad for studies for so long. But, with the world readjusting to new normal; schools, colleges and universities have decided to re-open.

      Foreign universities have started accepting applications despite this pandemic because it’s not sensible to risk the careers of the students. Universities have implemented specific changes to tackle the epidemic so that new admissions do not aggravate the spread of the novel. World-renowned universities around the globe, mostly the UK universities have seen a tremendous increase in the applicants’ number.

      But do you know what the possible reasons for this increase are? Are the universities ready to provide health security to international students amidst this pandemic? I can summarise the answer in just one word “Aye, yes!”. But, this will not be sufficient enough to justify. Let me explain the reasons why the number of students may increase/is increasing in the UK despite Covid-19.


      students discussing

      Which country shows up on your mind when you hear the phrase “best of universities”? We all know that seven of the best universities are in the UK. That doesn’t make other countries and its universities less significant. The top-notch education, academic excellence and career boost UK universities give; helps to stand apart. After rolling over some travel restrictions, the UK has allowed entry from some countries, also India. We know how much Indian students make up for the total number of students in foreign universities. You must although follow all the travel safety protocols on your travel abroad for study.

      Read the best courses to study in the UK for international students to get jobs.

      Cut on expenses.

      Students carrying visa and 100 dollars money inside blue jeans back pocket

      The UK and huge expenses go hand-in-hand. If you’re financially stable enough, only then you can plan for study abroad. To avail the best academic boost, you’ll have to manage your costs. To manage your expenses, the UK has reintroduced post-study-work-visa, which may increase international students’ applicants. The UK has many benefits in its bag for international students even during this crisis which is a reason why it’s the most preferred study destination than other countries.

      Course fee.

      Dollars, Mobile and laptop on white table

      We all know how profoundly this pandemic has affected the income of families globally. Wealthy families can retain the costs, but the not-so-wealthy families are the most affected ones. To meet such casualties that may arise, UK universities have agreed to cut on some costs on course fee, so the students don’t bother much with financial instability.

      Many undergraduate courses last for three years and postgraduate for one year, which is relatively lesser opposed to other countries such as the US. While course fees in the UK are high in comparison, these shorter courses keep overall costs down.

      Quality of Teaching.

      Students sitting and attending lecture in a big classroom

      The quality of teaching in the UK is indomitable. Despite the covid crisis, universities didn’t hold the classes of their existing students. They take online courses, but some students don’t perceive online learning to be effective over face-to-face learning.

      New students will have to adapt to such changes to combat the disease and not spread it. It is for such reasons that social and cultural programmes will be postponed for an unpredictable time to avoid community gatherings. But you need not worry because UK universities will strictly adhere to social distancing. However, they have started its online applications for the fall intake, that too with an increase in numbers of students, they’re sure not to compromise on value education.

      Life in the UK.

      Countries like the US, Australia and New Zealand have become less attractive to international students now because of the global strains as the borders continue to be closed for international students. It can be the reason for an increase in students’ numbers in the UK as an alternative study destination. Despite the early predictions that the UK will see a drop in international numbers, the UK is all set for a record increase in the total number of international students.

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      Life in the UK has always been enticing, for global employment opportunities, tourist spots, a student-friendly atmosphere, and shimmery nightlife. If you’re a student willing to travel abroad, then you can instinctively choose the UK. The minimum living cost for a student in the UK can be as low as £8,885, increasing up to £10,630 for a maximum period of 52 weeks. Accommodation will form a significant and fixed part of your budget in the UK. Due to this pandemic, only limited students will get uni accommodation, but you can also seek private accommodation in the UK.

      Get Personalized Assistance with Student Accommodation While Studying Abroad

      By now, you know why UK universities have witnessed an increase in the number of students. You’re intelligent enough to judge why you should choose the UK as your next study destination if you haven’t decided yet. You must not forget to follow all the safety measures and the new visa policies that are into consideration, post the spread of the pandemic, in case you’re planning to travel abroad.

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      Author: Amber Student

      AmberStudent is a one-click platform for cross-border students to book accommodation without the hassle of negotiation, non-standardised and cumbersome paperwork, lack of credit score; and broken payment process; with the correct localisation of data for the correct cross-border experience. Amber solves house (student accommodation) hunting and looking problems for 5 million students crossing geographies every year. Our services help students to find their desired accommodation from 3,00,000+ rooms which are spread across 60+ cities close to their universities.


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