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      IT Skills Needed to Upgrade Your CV


       By Siddarth Bharwani, VP – Brand & Marketing, Jetking Infotrain Ltd







      It is no surprise that IT skills have become the need of the hour for any organization in today’s economy. The world is so digitized that it forms an integral part of any organization’s basic requirement when hiring employees. IT skills are no more just a requirement for technology-driven roles but also for creative roles like the ones in media, marketing, content, etc. Your CV is your first and often the only chance you get to impress potential recruiters. It is extremely important to upgrade yourself and your CV with such essential skills.


      Office 365 Collaboration Suite


      Microsoft Office has become a staple in any organization’s daily activities. Activities varying from accounts to HR all use various programs available under the Suite. Powerpoint has become synonymous to presentations and Excel to spreadsheets. It is extremely important to enumerate in your CV about your proficiency in the suite.


      Cloud Administration (Amazon/Microsoft/Google)


      Cloud computing is using a network of remote servers to store and access data. It has become an integral part of data management for every organization. The sheer amount of data that exists can’t be stored in simple hard drives or set of computers anymore. That is why cloud computing has become such an important part of the ecosystem. Having a basic understanding of cloud administration is actually a great way to upgrade your CV as it shows that your skills are relevant to today.


      Digital Marketing Skills (SEO, SEM, SMM)


      For a person looking to enter the field of marketing or advertising, digital marketing skills are the hot favourite among recruiters. In the digital age we are in, a huge amount of effort and funds are poured into creating and executing the perfect digital strategy for the organization in terms of Search Engine Optimization, Search Engine Marketing and Social Media Marketing. A lot of brand awareness actually happens through social media. Experts say that people spend over 50% of their time on their phones which makes having employees with digital skills a vital aspect for organisations.


      Data Analytics or Data Science


      The age where managers made important business decisions through their “gut feeling” has passed. Now, important business decisions are backed by data and made with the help of proper tools of data analytics. Data would be meaningless if it is not transformed into meaningful information and insights through which organisations can take action. Data analytics is one of the most sought after skill by recruiters as they often have dedicated teams to contribute to converting data into information. Having data skills in your CV is a huge plus for any job-seeker.


      Cyber Security


      Perhaps the most important skill to possess in your repertoire is Cyber Security. The digital world comes with its flip side of security issues. Hackers are getting smarter every day and with every new firewall created, there is another proficient hacker that adapts to crack it. It is extremely important to stay updated on the latest trends and ways of cyber security to ensure the organization’s well-being. Courses like ethical hacking have gained popularity in this discipline and offered students to learn the ways of a hacker to upgrade their cyber security systems. Although there are specified IT teams dedicated to take care of cyber-security in most big organisations, it is an added bonus to be aware of those measures and what they truly mean as an individual.


      This list of IT skills is not an exhaustive one but it is among the most sought after skills. Machine Learning & Deep Learning, Network & Systems Administration, DevOps based on Amazon, Google or Microsoft, Embedded Systems (VLSI, ULSI), Artificial Intelligence and Internet of Things are some of the other skills that will make your CV stand out among a sea of job applicants. The skills required for different jobs are unique to each other but having a basic knowledge about the digital concepts that have now become extremely relevant in the organization is a great way to position yourself as an aware and apt candidate for any profile.



      Author: Stoodnt Guest Author

      Stoodnt Guest Author are experts, professors, teachers, tutors and professionals who want to share their advice, insights and guidance to students, young professionals and others.


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