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List of Masters Programs with Internships & Industrial Placements in the UK

Masters Programs with Internships & Industrial Placements in the UK

The UK job market has been a tough one for the international students since the scrapping of the post-study work (PSW) scheme in 2011. Things got even demoralizing after Brexit in 2016. It’s true that finding a job in the UK is hard for an international student. But, it’s not impossible at all. More importantly, if you choose the Masters Programs with Internships & Industrial Placements in the UK, you will definitely improve your chances of getting a job as an international student in the UK.


As per reports, around 4,000 to 5,000 international students (out of 50,000) do get switched to Tier 2 visa (work visa) from the Tier 4 (student visa) annually from 2013 – 2016. Then few students also go for doctoral studies (Ph.D.) as well.


Read – Foreign graduates will be allowed to stay for up to 2 years under the new post-study work visa rules (announced on Sep 10, 2019).


In fact, there has been a slight increase in the number of Indian students choosing the UK as their higher study destination after recent visa relaxation.  Even the Times of India reported that more Indian students are choosing to study in the UK.


Masters Programs with Internships & Industrial Placements in the UK
Source: Hindustan Times


Hence, it’s pretty clear that there are jobs for international students in the UK; it’s just extremely competitive. There are many ways for getting a job as an international student in the UK. I would certainly advise everyone to follow these tips. Additionally, the students who are looking at to study Masters in the UK, it would be a wise decision to choose Masters in the UK with an internship or placement.


List of the Masters Programs with Internships & Industrial Placements in the UK

ProgramUniversityDuration of Internship/Placement
MA Fashion / Graphic Design / IllustrationKingston University1 Year
MA Journalism / Creative WritingKingston University1 Year
MA Luxury Hospitality ManagementUniversity of West London30 Weeks
MA Marketing CommunicationsUniversity of Westminster8 - 12 Weeks
MBA International BusinessUniversity of Greenwich1 Year
MSc Advanced Computer ScienceUniversity of Liverpool1 Year
MSc Advanced Computer Science / Cloud Computing / HCIUniversity of Leicester8 - 12 Months
MSc Advanced Control and Systems EngineeringUniversity of Sheffield1 Year
MSc Advanced Software Eng. / Software Eng. for Financial ServicesUniversity of Leicester8 - 12 Months
MSc Applied Actuarial ScienceUniversity of Kent1 Year
MSc Applied Cyber SecurityQueen's University Belfast1 Year
MSc Applied Data AnalyticsBournemouth University40 Weeks (~1 Year)
MSc Applied Project ManagementUniversity of West London8 - 12 Weeks
MSc Banking / Finance & Accounting / Marketing / ManagementKingston University1 Year
MSc Big DataQueen Mary University of London1 Year
MSc Big Data and High Performance ComputingUniversity of Liverpool1 Year
MSc Biomedical / Pharmaceutcial Sciences / Cancer BiologyKingston University1 Year
MSc Civil EngineeringUniversity of Strathclyde1 Year
MSc Communications Studies / Public RelationsKingston University1 Year
MSc Computational FinanceRoyal Holloway University of London1 Year
MSc Computer ScienceQueen Mary University of London1 Year
MSc Computing / Computing & IT ManagementCardiff University1 Year
MSc Construction and Project ManagementQueen's University Belfast1 Year
MSc Data ScienceUniversity of Bath1 Year
MSc Data ScienceUniversity of Essex1 Year
MSc Data Science / Software Engineering / Cyber Security / HCICity University London6 Months
MSc Data Science and AnalyticsRoyal Holloway University of London1 Year
MSc Digital MarketingOxford Brookes University5 - 6 Months
MSc EconomicsUniversity of Essex1 Year
MSc ElectronicsQueen's University Belfast1 Year
MSc Energy and Power SystemsUniversity of Liverpool1 Year
MSc Engineering / Management De Montfort University3 - 12 Months
MSc Engineering /ScienceKingston University1 Year
MSc Industrial Biotechnology & EnterpriseUniversity of Bath3 - 4 Months
MSc Information SecurityRoyal Holloway University of London1 Year
MSc International Luxury Marketing / Brand ManagementOxford Brookes University5 - 6 Months
MSc International Tourism / Event & Hospitality ManagementOxford Brookes University1 Year
MSc Microelectronic SystemsUniversity of Liverpool1 Year
MSc Molecular Cell BiologyNottingham Trent University1 Year
MSc Molecular PathologyUniversity of NottinghamSee Below*
MSc Regenerative MedicineUniversity of EdinburghVariable Durations depending on Projects
MSc Renewable Energy EngineeringUniversity of Central Lancashire1 Year
MSc Robotics & Autonomous SystemsUniversity of Sussex1 Year
MSc Telecommunications / Telecommunications with BusinessUniversity College London1 Year
MSc Wireless and Optical CommunicationsUniversity College London1 Year


*The MRes in Molecular Pathology program at the University of Nottingham is a new program; 2018 will be the first batch. The funding and placements/internships will be provided by the University in collaboration with Astra Zeneca and Source BioScience. 

Of course, you can still find a job in the UK as an international student even if you do a normal Master’s program. But, attending one of the above programs will be extremely helpful.

Masters in UK with placement
Image Source: HT


Advantages of Attending Masters in the UK with Internship or Industry Placement


Getting to spend a year working in the industry while being a student is attracting several Indian students; and why shouldn’t be? These programs come with a lot of benefits.


Exposure to the Real-World


An industrial placement or professional internship will provide you real-world industry experience. You can put your knowledge into practice. It’s a great thing to have for first-time job seekers as well as for those looking for international work exposure or to strengthen their CVs.


Reduced Financial Burden


The majority of the internships and industry placements pay something between GBP 600 to GBP 1,100 per month. If you end up at a top consulting firm or a technology company, you can also earn up to GBP 2,500 per month. So, that can really reduce your financial burden. As per FT, QS, The Guardian, and US News, the Student annual salaries/stipend typically range between GBP 12,000 – 24,000, or approximately USD $15,000 – $30,000 (per annum).


Better Job Prospects


An internship or industry placement can put international students on the fast track to regular employment, especially those who are interested in staying in the UK.  If you perform well during your internship or placement, you could also bag a full-time position at the same company.


Masters in UK with Internship
Image Source: Kingston University


Study in the UK

The UK has got a rich academic heritage and reputation for providing high-quality education & training. Additionally, the UK hosts some of the top-ranked, oldest and most prestigious universities in the world. Then London is still one of the strongest financial and banking hubs in the world. Last but not the least; the UK has also been a pioneer in the fields of science, engineering, medicine, arts, music and so on.


The Master’s programs in the UK are of 1-year in duration. So, it is actually time and cost-effective. Besides, partial scholarships (20 – 30% of tuition fees) are also on offer, provided you apply well before the application deadlines.


Masters Programs with Internships & Industrial Placements in the UK
Image Source: Desi Blitz


Even though study in the UK might risky on paper, but it could be a great value for money. The key is to take a calculated risk by attending the right program. A Masters in UK with industry placement or internship will definitely minimize the risk.


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Author: Tanmoy Ray

I am a Career Adviser & MS Admission Consultant. Additionally, I also manage online marketing at Stoodnt. I did my Masters from the UK (Aston University) and have worked at the University of Oxford (UK), Utrecht University (Netherlands), University of New South Wales (Australia) and MeetUniversity (India).


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