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      Quick Tips on MBA Resume and MBA Essay Writing | How to Write Resume and Essays for MBA Applications

      How to Write MBA Resume and MBA Essays

      Do you want to be the next admit to your dream B-School? With the Round-1 deadline of most B-Schools already gone and the Round-2 & Round-3 deadlines around the corner, most of you must be working on your application which comprises your resume and essays. In this article, we will discuss in a gist what the B-School admission committee looks out for in a candidate’s resume and essays.


      Before we get onto the main agenda of this article, you might be interested to know about my career journey. Read my story of MBA admits at top B-Schools (with partial scholarships) and MS admission with full scholarship here.


      MBA Resume Tips


      In the resume, the MBA admission committee tries to see your experience during your professional career. They don’t want to see your roles and responsibilities usually. A good experience coupled with some leadership qualities will attract your resume for the interview. An MBA resume should be of 1 page, preferably. Some colleges allow 2 pages, but you don’t need to depend on that – it is better to prepare a 1 pager resume.


      Let me give you an example where a 3-years experienced product management professional will describe his experience in the following way in a job CV/resume:


      MBA Resume Tips


      The above job description sounds like a cliched job-search resume. However, the admission committee is actually looking out for the candidate’s experience. Let’s take a look at what made his resume a winning resume and caught the attention:


      MBA Resume Tips


      So, you can clearly see how the candidate focused on his experiences and diverse projects he worked. That makes a winning MBA resume sample.


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      Tips on MBA Essays


      MBA essay writing should be an experience where you will not only pave your path for your career but also discover the real ‘you’ within yourself. You will reinvent the wheel of your career in a way where you and hence the admissions committee can understand the bigger picture of what you have done and what you wish to do.


      An attractive B-school essay looks like this:


      1. State yourself / Introduction – 50-60 words
      2. Demonstration Incidents / Stories – Part 1 that proves these introduction – 120-150 words
      3. Reinforcement Incidents / Stories – Part 2 that proves the introduction – 120 – 150 words
      4. Convince by Closing the loops

      can guide you to compose the best essays for your intended universities. In the process, we will dwell more on your short and long-term goals and how your selected universities can play a role in your career.


      We look forward to interacting with you over the coming weeks to compose the essays for your MBA application to propel you closer to your dream B-School admits.




      Stoodnt provides professional MBA Admissions Consulting Services. Work with us to improve your chances of getting into the top international business schools.

      Email: [email protected]



      Featured Image Source: Rutgers Business School

      Author: Ankan Guria

      Ankan holds a BE Metallurgical Engineering degree from Jadavpur University (Kolkata, India) and an MS degree in Materials Science and Engineering from the University of Idaho (US). He is currently based out of Bangalore and works for Sandvik.

      He is a business enthusiast with experience in the manufacturing industry having exposure across a gamut of functions e.g. sales, applications, product launching, and management.


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