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      MS Computer Information Systems Admit at Boston University with Low GRE and GPA

      Master's in CS from Boston University

      In today’s time, digital technology has made inroads in all aspects of life. It is not just the multinational corporations, but also small businesses and non-profit institutions which rely on computers and integrated software for their operations.

      Depending on a student’s individual coursework and concentration, a Master’s in Computer Information Systems can serve as a solid foundation for both technical as well as management jobs. It opens many avenues for graduates who can get into one of the many specializations depending on their area of interest business intelligence analyst, big data analyst, geographic information systems, cybersecurity manager, etc. Further, a master’s degree in Computer Information Systems leads to greater job advancement and a lucrative salary package.

      The wide use of computers and organizing systems across the world means that graduates with this advanced degree, having a detailed and industry-relevant course structure, stand a higher chance of finding a lucrative job offer just about anywhere.

      Aishwarya Raghuvara approached me to help her with the admission process to the Master of Science in Computer Information Systems program. She needed guidance for the entire admissions procedure and got in touch with me to avail of the admission consulting services. Hence, right from helping her shortlist her dream universities, to the point where she received an admit from the dream university of her choice, I was there with her all along. She eventually made it to Boston University.

      To start with, the journey was an uphill task considering that she had an average GRE score of 288 and a 60% score in her Bachelor’s. When it comes to applying for MS in American Universities, both are crucial factors. However, things that worked in her favor are her work experience; she has been working since the year 2017 and possesses good technical skills. Other than the programming languages (C, C++), she also has a good command on various web technologies like HTML5, XML, Bootstrap, CSS3, etc and tools like selenium WebDriver, Selenium IDE, Jira board, etc.

      The Story behind the Transformation:

      What it meant was that we needed to work very hard on her resume, Statements of Purpose (SOPs) and Letters of Recommendation (LORs) to drive home the point that, even with a 60% in her bachelor’s, she put in efforts to upgrade her skills and made tremendous progress through her work experience and other certifications which she completed.

      As her advisor and mentor, it was of paramount importance for me to gauge her profile, her strengths as well as areas of improvement/gaps, and the hidden potential to put it across her statements of purpose. We worked hard and constantly kept in touch. Right from shortlisting universities to finally applying to a university, we researched and many times improvised on what we had previously done.

      Here is detailed feedback from Aishwarya which throws light on her experience throughout the entire process.

      MS Admission Counselling Services by Daisan PT


      Feedback & Review by Aishwarya Raghuvara

      1) What made you contact me in the first place?

      Aishwarya: I had first-hand references all of whom guided me to approach you. They had availed your services and absolutely recommended that I go to you and I must say I was not disappointed.

      2) How was the overall experience of MS Admission Consulting?

      Aishwarya: You were extremely accommodating and helped me with my process, especially during the times I was busy with my work life and travel. You went the extra mile to actually reach out to my family, collect my documents, and had them mailed to the university. You put your heart and soul into your work and make sure your students’ work is completed well within the deadline, without any hassle.

      3) What’s your feedback on the personalized university shortlisting?

      Aishwarya: You took into consideration my constraints of state and course which were pretty stringent. You still managed to send me a good list which included a range of universities, from safe to ambitious.

      4) Your feedback on the SoP/Essay/LORs/Resume Editing Services?

      Aishwarya: You made sure you followed up with the editors and the work was completed within the deadline. I did not have to be involved much to get my work completed. I have heard that a lot of students find it a huge issue but you made it really easy and smooth for me.

      5) Obviously, I was there to support you with your admission journey. But, the editor did not write your essays, SoP or CV, only helped you write them and then edited them. Did you find the process useful?

      Aishwarya: I feel students should always put in effort into putting the right content into the SOPs and the LORs because they are the ones who have lived through scenarios and situations mentioned in the documents. An editor can only edit your story, not write it for you. So, yes, I found that this process was of good use to me.

      6) My consulting fee is not among the most expensive ones in the market, but not too cheap as well. Did you find it reasonable?

      Aishwarya: I found it as per the market range and did not have an issue with it.

      7) According to you, what’s the advantage of working with an expert?

      Aishwarya: The advantage of working with experts like you is nothing but good outcome because they know exactly what to do, where to find the information, and how to do it. The thing with universities is that the process differs from country to country and so do the terminologies. It only leaves the layman more confused. So, working with an expert like you definitely made my procedure a very fast and smooth one.

      8) The whole process has been carried out remotely (phone and email). Did you face any problem with it?

      Aishwarya: No. You were always very responsive, be it email, WhatsApp or calls.

      Book a 1-on-1 Consultation Session with Daisan

      9) Any advice that you would like to share with the future applicants; especially the folks who might be confused about whether to work with an admission consultant?

      Aishwarya: The advantage of working with an expert is that it assures good outcomes because they know exactly what to do, where to find the information, and how to do it. They know exactly what to do based on a student’s profile and this is of utmost importance. What matters the most is that you apply to the right college and this is where an admission consultant’s service is indispensable.

      Author Bio:

      Daisan brings on the table, more than 10 years’ experience in the overseas education domain. He has a proven track record of guiding and mentoring students from the beginning of the college application process, to graduation and beyond. He has mentored and guided 800+ students to their dream universities abroad.

      Daisen possesses expertise for multiple destinations such as Canada, USA, UK, Germany, Sweden, Ireland, Australia, New Zealand, etc., for different levels of programs (PhD, Master’s, PG Diploma and Bachelor’s).

      Author: Manya Education Group

      Manya Education, the largest partner of The Princeton Review (TPR) globally, offers end-to-end guidance and solutions for all the overseas education requirements.

      Founded in 1981, The Princeton Review is headquartered in New York, is a part of ST Unitas, a global education company; and has grown to become one of the leading companies in EduTech.


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