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      Pre-College Coding, Computer Science and Data Science Summer Program for Grade 7 – 12 Students

      Python Data Science Bootcamp Summer Classes for Grade 7 - 12 Students

      Although programming/coding, computer science, and data science were once seen as skills reserved for geeks and computer nerds, it’s now regarded as an essential ability for 21st-century learners and the future workforce. In this post, we will look at the online coding, computer science & data science bootcamp for middle-school & high school students.

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      Demand for Coding, Computer Science & Data Science Skills

      Demand for Coders in India

      Coders are now in demand across sectors amidst the rising need for programmers and developers in non-IT sectors. This is on the back of the rising digital-first focus of companies across India.

      With businesses across sectors taking to digital and tech-based modes of operations, there is a natural increase in demand for coders.

      Additionally, the pandemic has also created an unprecedented shift towards all things digital. The digital job market is growing at a swift pace and opening new opportunities, emphasizing the need for professionals to upskill and stay relevant in their job fields.

      Industry estimates suggest that there are close to 85,000 vacant roles for coders across companies. Here, about 35-40% of the openings are in the IT sector while the rest are for the retail, e-commerce, banking, stockbroking, insurance, and automobile sector.

      Global Scenario

      Computer scientists play a central role in our technological infrastructure. They develop hardware, software, and other applications for use by the military, businesses, and average consumers.

      This has made computer science one of the fastest-growing career fields in the U.S. today, with some occupations, such as software engineer, expected to grow an estimated 22% from 2012 to 2022.

      While this means tremendous opportunity for students and young professionals interested in the field, it also means increased competition, both at the college level and in the job market.

      Coding, Computer Science, Data Science, Python for High School Students

      Rising Demand for Data Science & Analytics Talent

      Career opportunities in data have exponentially grown in the recent few years. Companies are eager to capture data and derive insights from it because of the technological advancements we are seeing. Accessibility of the data today can help to reap multiple benefits organizations from it. Because of this reason, companies are not shying away from offering increased data scientist salaries in India. Companies are throwing huge salaries at those having skills to take on the positions of Data Analysts, Scientists, Engineers, etc. 

      India is the second-highest country to recruit employees in the field of data science or data analytics, etc. with 50,000 positions available – second only to the United States. The demand for data experts is equally competitive, whether you look at the big companies, the e-commerce industry, and start-ups. 

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      Why Learn Python Programming

      Pre-College Coding, Computer Science and Data Science Summer Program for Grade 7 – 12 Students

      This course is focused on helping students between the age of 13-18 years explore the basic concepts of computer engineering and computer sciences.

      This course is not for students who are looking to become programming experts. Most of the students in middle and high school are still exploring potential college study options and what careers they may be interested in.

      If you are one of these young students who want to learn more about how computers work, what are the basics of any programming or computer science, or are interested in learning what computer engineers and computer science professionals do, this may be the course for you!

      The course will be held for 2-4 hours on the weekends and after each class, the students will be given some study homework or project to work on an individual basis. It is expected that the students will spend at least another 2-4 hours per week at their leisure to complete the home assignments. Here is an outline of what the course will cover.

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      Pre-College Online Summer Program on Coding, Computer Science and Data Science for High School Students

      Curriculum for Pre-College Online Summer Program on Coding, Computer Science and Data Science

      Class 1 (Fri / Sat): Introductory class on the History and Basics of Computer Science

      Gain an understanding of what each student wants to gain out of the program and what they enjoy and are interested in learning. The second hour of the class will cover the basics of how computers work. 

      Homework: Study the history of computers and how they developed over the years. Each student expected to share what they learned in the second class.

      Class 2 (Sat / Sun): How to Build a Computer

      Students will discuss their findings with the rest of the class on the history of computers. Teacher to Discuss details on what computing systems work and how various pieces interact with each other. Help students get a basic understanding of how to build their own computers.

      Homework: Each student comes up with an innovation to think about and what they would go about designing the concept (2 weeks assignment)

      Class 3 (Fri / Sat): Programming Languages and Big Data

      Discuss the project from class 2 on each system innovation. Continue more learning of programming languages and teach some of the concepts of Big data.

      Homework: To think about innovation today that uses the concept of big projects. Assignment: Think about an innovation that uses the concept of Big data and show how it uses data as input and how the output is decided.

      Class 4 (Sat / Sun): Python Programming and Data Analysis

      Learn the Basics of Programming in Python. Students will learn the python environment and introduction to libraries used in data analysis along with hands-on experience with problem-solving using the available technology.

      Homework: Students will build a basic program

      Class 5 (Fri / Sat): Data Analytics and Machine Learning

      • Data plotting using matplotlib
      • Data visualization using seaborn
      • Data analysis using pandas, PyTorch or numpy
      • Basics of Machine Learning and TensorFlow

      Homework: Programming exercises to students to check their learning outcomes plus problem solving sessions for students that require some extra help

      Class 6 (Sat / Sun): Career and College Admission Guidance

      Students talk about each innovation and present it to the class. Discuss careers as computer engineers, computer science, and data science professionals. Additionally, guidance on College Admissions (in India and abroad), Applications (profile building, college essays, etc), and Jobs.

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      How this Coding, Computer Science & Data Science Bootcamp can help a Middle or High School Student?

      One of the most important objectives in education is to prepare students for their future careers. Over the last two decades, coding and programming have emerged as some of the most desirable skills for employers.

      Many good programmers claim that they start coding by age 5 or 6. But the best answer is when the child starts to show excitement and interest in it, like when a gamer child thinks that he can create his own game, or when he thinks he can create a program that will be useful or will entertain his friends.

      At 7 or 8, most kids have sufficiently developed logical and critical thinking skills needed for coding.

      However, at Stoodnt, we believe that age 13 and onwards is pretty fine to pick up these skills. More importantly, this is the time when they should slowly start thinking about their interests, skills, and career paths.

      Benefits of Learning Coding:

      • Coders are in high demand
      • Coding provides a competitive advantage
      • Coding knowledge allows students better understand the world
      • Coding is fun and satisfying
      • Coding improves creativity
      • Coding improves problem-solving
      • Coding improves persistence
      • Coding improves collaboration
      • Coding improves communication

      Get Aware of Non-Coding Careers in Tech

      Also, quite often, students end up studying computer science or related discipline out of sheer hype and craze. Later, they realize that coding is not what they want to do. This program will help them to get a flavor of college-level coding so that they can make a well-informed decision.

      Secondly, within Tech and computer science, there are functional roles that do not involve hard-core coding (e.g. UI/UX, Information Management, Interactive Media, etc.). This program will help them to get aware of such alternative career paths and courses as well.

      Program FAQs

      Trainers and Mentors of the Program

      Ajay Singh (Ex Harvard University, UT Austin, IIT-Roorkee): Ajay is a seasoned digital transformation leader who has conceptualized and driven a number of global digital solutions, strategic initiatives, new markets with a customer-centric, agile product development approach in a number of Fortune 500 companies such as American Express, BCD Travel, Travelport, Intel, HP, etc. Strong technical, startup, and product management background.

      Tamoghna Das (Ex UCL, IISc, VIT): Tamoghna is co-founder of The Chroma Foundry. He is currently working on mathematical modeling and computational methods (using Python, Data Science & Machine Learning) for vaccine design and development.

      Tanmoy Ray (Ex Oxford, UMCU, UNSW): Tanmoy is a Career Adviser and Admission Counselor. He specializes in working with candidates on their career paths and applications for STEM subjects; particularly Data Science & Analytics; Biotechnology, Biomedical Engineering & Life Sciences; and Renewable Energy & Sustainable Systems Engineering.

      What will you Learn?

      • Programming Fundamentals in Python
      • How to write conditional statements in Python
      • Input data using the Pandas package
      • Clean and wrangle data
      • Visualize and understand complex data
      • Use machine learning algorithms

      This course is great for any teen interested in coding, finance, journalism, marketing, and communication.

      Program Dates and Fees:

      • Batch-1: April 30 – May 15
      • Batch-2: May 21 – June 5
      • Batch-3: June 11 – June 26

      Weekend Classes of 4 hours [Spread over 3 weeks] | 10 students per batch

      • Fees: Rs. 9,900
      • 25 – 50% scholarship discount for meritorious students and families with financial constraints (depending on the responses on the application/registration form)

      How to Apply / Register?

      Please fill out this Google Form.

      Advice for Parents

      By all means,  if you have a kid with a coding interest, then yes, help them to LEARN. TO. CODE. If they don’t have an interest, have never coded, and have other interests, still consider it, though. It’s that important, and you’ll be glad you at least gave it a chance.

      But in the process, don’t forget about the other things. Help them learn to “tech,” and explore game development, photography, blogging & podcasts, digital marketing, or video production if that’s what better suits them.

      Immerse in something if that’s truly what they want to do as a hobby or even a future career.

      Have them get skilled in marketing, negotiation, promotion, decision-making, and more… or learn how to become a leader. Summer is also a great time to get involved in projects on community work, social impact, and entrepreneurship.

      There is a list of learning opportunities, and that list goes on and on. Coding and programming can take you far, but you must also possess the complementary skills to make your creations thrive.

      Register for Coding, CS & Data Science Bootcamp

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