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      Q&A with Deepak Jalan, founder of Hronchos  


      Deepak Jalan is an Indian businessperson, an HR Professional and former Director- Resource Management Group in Tech Mahindra Ltd.


      He is the Founder of HRHONCHOS, is an Independent Director with Wellesley Corporation Ltd and Brentwood International. An accomplished leader, he has led several organizations across industries, creating high performance teams and successful businesses. In a career spanning over 21 years, he has worked with large Multinationals and Corporates. His work experience includes Human Resources, General Management and Technology Business Management with Operations being an additional forte.


      He has worked with some of the Top companies in various Industrial sectors such as IT, ITES, Hospitality & FMCG and has held various management positions in HR, Marketing and General Management not just in Indian Organizations but also in Transnational Organizations. TECH MAHINDRA, SPANCO, HCL, BAKEMANS, ITC are some of the reputed organizations that reflect Mr. Jalan’s professional background. Deepak is an Arts Honours graduate and an MBA in Marketing.




      got in touch with Jalan, to know more about his journey as an entrepreneur.



       What are the future prospects for your company?

      Being an IT consulting firm, we see a lot of opportunities and growth coming in the new technologies. We would be continuing to disrupt the world in terms and facilitating the new industries. When we talk about facilitation, it comes from resource. Therefore, we expect to do manyhirings, lot of reskilling and we want a lot of fresh blood to join us, with lot of new thoughts and critical thinking.


      What kind of opportunities you would provide to the aspiring candidates who would like to join your company?

      When it comes to students, the world is bright and we want the students to be focused, agile, students who would be able to take opportuinities, be a technology gig, a person who understands technology. Itshould not be only IT skills; they can have any skills such as financial, commercial, technical. He needs to understand the new era, which is technology and the digital part and definitely things, are moving ahead.


      What drives you as an entrepreneur of a such a successful company?

      The opportuinities across the globe drives him into this profession.We know that the world is round,but I believe that the world is flat.You are a gobalresource,we see a lot of things that India as a country can do.We are doing global recruitments,we have a lot of resource.Therefore,what can be done in USA,can be done in India and vice versa.So that’s what excite me to be an entrepreneur,a person who can hire,and in future give employment to couple of more candidates which are coming in,create a balanced economy for India,create more revenues and definitely be a global resource.



      With inputs from Samannay Sen second year journalism student at Amity University.








      Author: Baishali Mukherjee

      Profile- An independent writer and journalist for last nine years; presently working with Education World, Entrepreneur India, and Worked as the content head for four books and have articles and features published in leading print and digital media spaces.


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