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ROI Of Hiring a  Candidate Using HR Tech Far Greater Than Hiring Through Traditional Processes – TimesJobs Tech & HR Survey


  • 35% of surveyed HR managers said that tech in HR impacts recruitment activities most, as compared to other functions
  • 33% of respondents claimed that Robotic Processes Automation (RPA) is the next big HR technology that companies will be investing in
  • Stiff resistance among employees is the biggest roadblock to HR tech adoption: TimesJobs Tech & HR Survey


At a time when technology is making strides in all spheres, employees still seem hesitant adopting the new and savvy ways of working. This resistance from employees (31%) remains the biggest barrier in adopting technology for HR processes revealed a TimesJobs survey on ‘Decoding the impact of Tech in HR’. The survey was conducted among 1,380 HR leaders to decipher the impact of technology use in HR.

The lack of knowledge or technical skills (30%) was cited as the second biggest hindrance for HR technology adoption at Indian workplaces.


The key findings were:

  • 35% survey respondents said that the biggest impact of technology in HR has been in streamlining the recruitment processes
  • 48% of survey takers said organisations are using HR tech mostly to hire middle-level professionals
  • 59% of HR leaders said that investment in technology has boosted the profitability of organisations


Tech in HR drives employee productivity and innovation

The TimesJobs survey findings reveal that 43% of HR professionals consider employee productivity as the biggest reason to invest in technology. About 24% of respondents invested in HR technology to accelerate innovation. Around 46% of HR leaders said that the adoption rate of technology in human resources function is going to go up by 3-4 times in the next five years.

Data security a top priority for Indian companies to invest in HR tech

Organisations seeking to leverage new-age technologies to optimise their HR activities, ranked data security as the top reason for choosing HR software for their company. Whereas, functionality and easy maintenance of software were ranked as the subsequent factors for the companies to consider HR software. Price ranked as the last factor while buying an HR software.


“The use of technology can no longer be just an option for HR leaders. To win the war of talent, they will have to continuously invest in new tools and technologies to make their processes efficient and improve productivity. The TimesJobs survey findings reveal that the change has started happening on the ground and more companies are becoming tech-focused. Having said that, there are still barriers in tech marrying HR that business leaders can help overcome”, said Sanjay Goyal, Business Head, TimesJobs and TechGig.


The key technologies impacting HR processes

The TimeJobs survey also asked about the technologies that would drive the HR function. The findings state that Data Analytics (42%) and Artificial Intelligence (36%) are the top two technologies which will impact HR processes most.

The survey touched upon the next big emerging technology that will drive the biggest investment from HR leaders. The majority (33%) of HR leaders said that they would mostly invest in Robotic Processes Automation (RPA).


About TimesJobs

TimesJobs is a platform to help competent professionals enhance their career growth. With over 25 million registered jobseekers across the board and more than 60 million-page views every month, it is the most preferred career portal among ambitious and talented professionals who want to make smarter career decisions that accelerate their career progression.



Author: Baishali Mukherjee

Profile- An independent writer and journalist for last nine years; presently working with Education World, Entrepreneur India, and Worked as the content head for four books and have articles and features published in leading print and digital media spaces.


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