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Steps To Writing A Good Research Paper


It is very essential for a college student to write at least one college level research paper before graduation. It is intimidating to write a good research paper if you have not given a try before.

There are several steps and resources that we need to consider in order to write a good research paper. Doing a research work could be little challenging, but it can become an essential and effective part of your academic and professional life through a little practice.

Various steps need to be followed while undergoing a research work.


The steps are-


  • Get familiar with the assignment
  • Choose a topic
  • Research
  • Form a thesis
  • Write
  • Editing
  • Re-Read and Submit the paper


Get familiar with the assignment

The basic thing is to understand the topic given to you for the research. Quite often students overlook this step thus ending up in a poor research document. Before progressing further in the research paper the student should have a proper knowledge about the topic. They need go through each and every small piece of instruction given by the teacher. They need to take some time to apprehend what exactly the paper will be about. Henceforth he/she will be on the right track.



Choose a topic

After you have understood how to write the research paper, now it is time to select about what you would like to write. It is always fair enough to choose a topic which you are passionate about or that is your field of interest. In other cases, you can also select a controversial topic that will show your capability to analyze and interpret a topic and give explanation about for or against as and when required. It is better to keep in mind that through this research work you would be able to gather a vast source of knowledge.


This step is quite flexible. Every individual will research for the paper in different ways. Although it is very important to stay focused in your work and move forward quickly. There are some basic things you must remember when you are doing the research.



Find Reliable Resources

Don’t ignore any information


The first thing is skimming; you do not need to read everything, just go through things quickly. You need to learn how to identify the key points and arguments without reading each word.

The next thing is you need find reliable sources. It means you have to check whether the information you have is cent percent authentic. You can go through various search engines and several websites to drag information. Use of keywords is very important as it helps in creating a greater impact in the paper.

The final thing is never ignore any information however small it may look like.

Every piece of information may be helpful.


Form a Thesis

After you gathered information and have a good idea about the topic, now you need to give your own opinion, argument or idea. A thesis is a short statement which you put forward for your readers as an author or researcher what are you going to prove or explain.



Finally, it is the time to write the paper. As you start writing down the paper, don’t be a perfectionist. While writing do not think about grammatical mistakes or writing perfect words, that will be easily done while editing. If you from your own ideas and statements it will avoid plagiarism.

So keep writing and give a good shape.



At this moment when you successfully finished writing your paper, you need to edit it to find the mistakes. Normally what you need to do is to check the grammatical mistakes and the overview the content. You also need to check whether the length of the paper is fine or not. After you have finished revising, give it to someone who can finally give you an overview.



Give your paper a thorough reading and then submit the paper. Don’t be afraid about the outcome, be bold and face your instructor or teacher for counter questions.


By following these steps, you can write a well-resourced research paper.

Author: Baishali Mukherjee

Profile- An independent writer and journalist for last nine years; presently working with Education World, Entrepreneur India, and Worked as the content head for four books and have articles and features published in leading print and digital media spaces.


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