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Data Science Career Path

The Evolution of the Data Science Career Path

With data becoming the new oil, the data scientist jobs are gaining immense traction. A few years ago, The Harvard Business Review (HBR) hailed ‘data scientist’ as the sexiest job position. HBR’s article is still spot-on as IBM predicts an explosion in the demand…
how to write a resume or CV

Modern Day Resume Writing

By Debasish Dutta; Managing Partner & CEO; Orange Corp, Global   A topic that repeatedly bothers both fresh graduates and experienced professionals is how to write a resume or CV (curriculum vitae). While the two of them are differently meant but…
Job Search Tips that Really Work

10 Job Search Tips that Really Work

Whether you’re a recent college graduate or a seasoned employee, a job search can be stressful and overwhelming. After all, there is no clear-cut or one size fits all strategy for the job search. Then, there is so much information available…
career growth tips

Ways to Achieve Faster Career Growth

In spite of modern-day work pressures, young professionals are doing everything to the best of their abilities to contribute and achieve their professional goals. Without a doubt, to be successful in an exceptionally competitive job market, it’s best to stick…

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