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Tick Tock – MBA Application Deadlines Approaching This Week

Dealing with College Rejections

Happy New Year MBA Applicants!!!  That’s the good news, the stressful news is that a dozen top MBA schools will close out their Round 2 periods over the next week.  You really need to hurry to meet these deadlines.  To  make your life easier, here are some last minute tips from Stoodnt:

(1)  Essays and Resume – you are who you are.  The content is not going to change at this point.  You simply want to make sure there are no typos or silly grammar mistakes.  Have a friend, family member, or work colleague review it.  While feedback is great, this is not the time to get it.  Stick with your overall strategy.

(2)  Recommendations – are they in?  This is a part of the process you can’t control but it is critical.  If they have not been submitted, CALL RIGHT NOW.  Work with your recommenders to get them in asap.

(3)  Application Data Form – Review this carefully.  Make sure you don’t make silly typos or copy & paste mistakes.  The admissions committee will be looking for consistency and if things don’t match up (to your resume and essay), red flags will be raised.  Also, make sure you get the program name correct, believe me this happens more than you think.

(4)  Breathe!!  It’s almost over but make sure everything is in.  You have done the hard work but end it in the right way.

Author: Yuri Punj


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