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      Tips to avoid Social Pressure When Considering Colleges

      Tips to avoid Social Pressures When Considering Colleges

      Searching for a college can be hard, but knowing what not to do will help you avoid common pitfalls. So, to expand your horizon, be a young-dreamer and getting in a good college, here are a few tips to avoid Social Pressures when considering colleges:

      Don’t rush the process

      Finding the right college is the most pivotal thing for an individual and stressful too. The application process being lengthy and too time-consuming makes the students lose their patience and fall into the trap of an unfit institute. When you make a decision too fast, you might decide without considering all your options first. After visiting the schools, use a pros and cons list to narrow down the options as this is an important decision which you really don’t want to regret.


      Seek advice from others

      When you are seeking a college, there are many social pressure other than getting an admission in a good college. In that case seeking advice from other people in “how to deal with these problem” is the prominent idea for the teens. Generally teens hide their problems and get into wrong things and company. Therefore, preferably an older adult whom you trust, like your parent, older sibling, or a guidance counselor are the best people for you. Call them up and talk them through what you’re experiencing – The support and advice they give will definitely lift your mood.


      Engage in activities that will give you more Self-Confidence

      The pressure of belonging, even at the expense of doing something we’re uncomfortable with, is very prominent these days. Rather than engaging into something which isn’t our forte, students can engage in those activities that will boost the confidence. Until the results are not out, start new sport or hobby, study new facts and things, learn a new language if you have applied abroad, find some part-time job, and etc. – Boost your moral, this is what is important.


      Pushy parents

      It’s still easy to deal with the external pressure as compared to that of pushy parents when you are considering college. Letting your parents decide which college you should attend and being pushy about it, is not healthy. In that case, you need to think about what you want to do in life and convince your parents for it with legible facts, rather than taking stress and doing things which are unacceptable. Here, getting them in touch with your career counsellor is a really good option.


      Peer Pressure  

      There will be time when you are following your heart rather than your mind – Following your boyfriend, girlfriend, best friend to the college of their choice. Sometime students make this decision at their own will due to peer pressure. But “Do you think is it worth it?”, making your life’s most essential decisions on someone else’s choices. Many teens think if they won’t favor their friends, it will affect their friendship but remember one thing if your relationships are strong, they will outlast time and distance anyway.


      Author: Rohit Kapur


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