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TOP 5 Career related Myths

Your career is never chosen on the basis of someone else’s track record.

Unless you feel that you are good at a professional task, have interest in it and can see yourself succeeding in that niche, then there is absolutely no need to take it up as a career, just because someone said so. Not to mention, when it comes to career choices, you will see people coming up with the weirdest career myths that at one moment, you might feel true. Here are the top 5:


  1. Picking a career is simple. This is maybe the greatest of all. We think since some individual is doing as such well in “A” career, then that will be a decent alternative for me moreover. In any case, that is a long way from the truth. We are for the most part one of a kind ( Not just as far as our genes yet additionally as far as our aptitudes, identity, interests, life circumstances and in this manner what is best for some individual might be most exceedingly bad for me.


  1. It is about money. Individuals feel that on the off chance that they are getting paid well they can do any kind of job and endeavor to excuse their professional choices like I am getting such a fat salary. But the real question for how long will this work? There is sufficient proof to propose that individuals who get paid well are the individuals who carry out their jobs well, which requires that they are cut for that and that is the reason they can perform reliably better contrasted with others. So invest some energy and efforts in discovering what is ideal for you.


  1. And afterward there are fantasies around a few callings like Teachers don’t get paid well or Librarians are exhausting and bibliophiles. While stats may propose something else. Government teachers procure a tolerable compensation and have numerous advantages appended to in their profession. Administrators nowadays are data supervisors and are tech well disposed and they have great workplace. So in the event that you go over fantasies that are related with specific professions, gather more data previously taking any choice.


  1. Another Career myth is that Career choice is an one time choice. You get into the correct course/best school and that is it. Isn’t that so? Off-base.

In reality, Career formation is a consistent process, where one needs to work extremely hard in school, finish the course necessities, learn, clear the campus recruitment process and then comes the job.


  1. Another career myth is that a few occupations are simple and anybody can do that. Actually they may have all the earmarks of being simple however are really not. Like career of an Air Hostess/Flight steward looks simple (what you need to do grin and serve snacks, isn’t it) But no. Serving snacks is simple however managing different types of travelers, dealing with emergency, overseeing whimsical schedules are altogether done by them.

Author: Rohit Kapur


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