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Top 5 ways to ease the transition from College to Career!

Very few college students jump straight from college into their dream job with an ease in transition. But for most, the transition from college into a career is a difficult time in most of the people’s lives, which indeed is quite daunting. Suddenly students are expected to behave like “adults” and we all know that this transition is indeed a marathon, not a sprint.  But there are ways to thrive and grow during this transition, so that we achieve success in the life marathon and after few years when you see yourself, you should be proud of your achievement.  Before reaching the top of the building the base has to be strong – So, here are ways to ease the transition from College to Career in no time :

Create an accountability group

Most of the student experience lots of problem from College to Career. You probably have friends who are in the same situation as you. Have an accountability group for support, information sharing, and professional growth and get together regularly to discuss about your professional ambitions, goals and possible outcomes.

Keep a journal

Sometimes you don’t have clear vision about your ambitions and goals in life and need time to figure out what you want to do. In that case you should keep a journal so that you can pen down your thoughts and dreams. Accordingly guide yourself and make a clarity to your mind. It is not a tough task to follow so find time each week to write down which will help you in the transitions and try to be honest with yourself. With time you will see some drastic changes in yourself and influence your thinking about career. The time after college also gives you an opportunity to strengthen your marketability.

Master the “hard skills”

Some skills are always in demand in most of companies. Everyone is looking for good writers and public speakers as well as graphic designer and etc. So these are the some profession of the professional world which are most of time in the limelight .You can learn these tangible skills, at the most affordable price in the  professional education classes. Master one or more hard skill and you will benefit in your professional life. These skills act as cherry on the cake and make your transition from College to Career much easier.

Work on your “soft skills”

Hard skills are taught but soft skills are personality-driven and honed through experience. The skills, such as relationship building, teamwork, industriousness, flexibility, attentive listening, and inability to learn. Which of these skills do you bring to the table? While you can’t attend a certificate course on soft skills, you can improve in all these areas through focus and practice.

Stay current

The needs of the job market and employers change and so does the “critical skill set” for the employees. Each year, trend forecasters survey employers to find the traits they are most looking for in an employee – (which is often a mix of hard and soft skills.) Review these reports and adapt, so that you are relevant to the needs of the marketplace and can adhere to it.

Author: Rohit Kapur


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