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Top Engineering Colleges from around the world for International students

With the proliferation of technology that make tech an almost mandatory part of a modern worker’s resume – students these days are looking for well-regarded universities from around the world, which have shown constant strength in producing research related to a variety of engineering topics.

Be it chemical, civil, mechanical or electrical engineering, Massachusetts Institute of Technology has been the undisputed leader for years when it comes to Graduate Engineering programs, which is clearly evident by the following fact – 3.3 million people are currently employed by over 25, 000 companies founded or co-founded by living MIT alumni. Moreover, MIT doesn’t has class ranking for students! That may be one of the key factors for it’s immense success. MIT boasts of an almost 43% of international students. Which is much better than Stanford’s 11%, besides it being the second best in the trade. Stanford has successfully produced 58 nobel laureates, which is an incredibly high figure and rivaled only by the likes of University of Cambridge. Cambridge has had 151 nobel winners, which is the most number of nobel laureates produced by any school. Cambridge is also the third best at Engineering programs.

Some other premier institutes like Caltech, UC Berkley, Oxford and Imperial College London also provide world class, state of the art campuses that preach “smart work” and are known for being the best places for researchers among all other colleges which provide stellar engineering programs for international students.

Switzerland, China and Singapore seem to be some of the few countries other than US/UK that make the list.
Prestigious institutes outside US/UK popular for their engineering programs include Tsinghua University (China), Nanyang Technical University (Singapore) and ETH Zurich – Swiss Federal Institute of Technology (Switzerland). NTU’s library services are considered to be better than google, Albert Einstein failed to get into ETH Zurich and Tsinghua is basically full of geniuses.

All these Universities are popular around the globe for their top-notch engineering programs and have been known to produce some of the world’s smartest minds. All the above mentioned programs have something unique that only they offer, thus picking one is harder than getting into one!

Top 5 Engineering Universities in the world – 

#1 – Tsinghua University
        China, Beijing    |   94.7 (Subject Score)

#2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
     United States Cambridge, MA    |    91.7 (Subject Score)

#3 University of California–Berkeley  
     United States Berkeley, CA        | 90.7 (Subject Score)

#4 National University of Singapore
     Singapore  | 90.2 (Subject Score)

#5 Zhejiang University
     China Hangzhou, Zhejiang     |   89.8 (Subject Score)

So, if you are looking forwards to receive career guidance regarding studying in these best engineering colleges, then get in touch with us.

Author: Rohit Kapur


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