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      Top Online Platforms For Learning Skills


      A recent study on hiring trends in the analytics sector in India indicates that 97,000 positions related to analytics and data science are currently vacant due to a dearth of qualified talent. A majority of these job openings are for junior roles. The number of unfilled positions has seen an increase of 45% over last year, indicating the widening skill gap in the industry.


      In the age of digitalisation, cybersecurity, data literacy and analytics, have come to be some of the most sought after skillsets. However, there is an apparent gap in these skill sets. While advanced academic degrees can definitely help, it’s becoming increasingly apparent that having the right skills is a more critical factor in landing your dream job.


      The nascent fields in niche skills are fast-evolving, and are falling short on the required curriculum for training the young minds. However, several organisations including edu-tech start-ups in the respective fields have taken it upon themselves to impart essential skills and training and these important disciplines.


      Here’s taking a quick look at some of the well-established platforms that are imparting training and development in the diverse fields of skill.



      A truly global platform, Lynda is for acquiring new skill sets. Recently taken over by LinkedIn, Lynda has monthly pricing plan for learners to access the whole lot. Their Premium plan enables one to download videos to watch offline. The learning processes help one choose what he/she wants to be.


      Some of the popular courses –

      Becoming an IT Security Specialist

      Become an Ethical Hacker

      Prepare for CISSP exam

      Advance skills in Azure administration

      Improving presentation skills

      Designing responsive websites



      With more than 55,000 courses Udemy is a very popular learning platform, and many have already enrolled with the courses. Udemy offers lifetime access and one can opt for the training one is interested in learning or can surf through the list which include over 2300 free courses.


      Some of the popular courses –


      IT & Software


      Personal growth





      For a post graduate degree or for a expert professional certification Coursera, is a great place, and now they have launched Google Cloud Platform Certification courses as well.


      Some of the popular courses –

      Deep learning

      Big data

      Machine learning

      Data science

      Digital marketing


      Skill Share

      Similar to Udemy, SkillShare offers choice to opt from over 17000 courses.


       Some of the popular courses –











      Code Academy

      A dedicated portal to learn the coding, interactively. Code Academy got multiple types of learning material. For an ex, you can choose to learn a specific topic or complete courses. You can sort the available learning by language or subject.


      Some of the popular courses –

      By subject

      Web Development


      Data Science




      By language

      HTML & CSS


      Java Script







      Cybrary is all about learning  Cyber Security. Those looking for building a career it is domain can be immensely benefitted with the IT security courses available on this platform.


      Some of the popular courses –

      Penetration testing and ethical hacking

      Incident response and advanced forensics


      Risk management framework

      Cyber threat intelligence

      Cryptography fundamentals


      Solo Learn

      Those interested in learning coding on Android, iOS or web, Solo Learn is the platform. This online course site offers fewer but some of the best complete tutorials with quiz.


      Some of the popular courses –



      Python 3




      CSS fundamentals

      SQL Fundamentals


      Linux Academy

      Linux Academy is the right choice for hands-on training in cloud computing, servers, containers and the like. Known as one of the top cloud training providers which is trusted by thousands of technology companies for training their workforce,  Linux Academy boasts of a plethora of courses for multiple cloud platform –


      Some of the popular courses –

      Google Certified Professional – Cloud Architect

      AWS Certification – Solution Architect, DevOps, SysOps, Developer, Big Data

      Microsoft Azure certification preparation

      OpenStack administration



      When it comes to acquiring new skills, nothing can be better than Udacity. Be it self-driving car tech, machine learning, artificial intelligence, robotics, etc, this place is just awsome. What make it even more happening is its exclusive courses introduced in partnership with tech giants in order to impart industry-ready learning. An array of bunch of free courses is an extra advantage.


      Data Quest

      Interested in data scientist? Be a members of data quest to get a realistic approach in learning code, data manipulation, predictions from data, build data pipelines, etc.


      Data Camp

      For learning data analysis, data visualization, data manipulation, statistics and machine learning, Data Camp is also a very effective platform as they have all that a data scientist needs to learn.


      Kata Coda

      Kata Coda is for learning Docker, containerization, TensorFlow.


      Cloud Academy

      With 500 courses/quizzes/labs for AWS, GCP, Azure, Serverless, DevOps, Cloud Academy is for learning cloud computing. The course fees start from $59 a month.



      A pioneering e-learning platform for both individuals and businesses, Pluralsight helps one learn what’s important for building a successful career. Those interested in web development can register for Code School program by Pluralsight.

      Author: Baishali Mukherjee

      Profile- An independent writer and journalist for last nine years; presently working with Education World, Entrepreneur India, and Worked as the content head for four books and have articles and features published in leading print and digital media spaces.


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