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      Top Paying Tech Jobs in the US Right Now

      Technology continues to be one of the hottest sectors in the world, no more so than in the United States.  According to a study done by Glassdoor, here are the top paying tech jobs in the US.  To read more,, 19.htm.

      10. Scrum master

      Median base salary: $95, 167

      Number of job openings: 2, 072

      A scrum master helps facilitate an agile development team.

      9. Systems architect

      Median base salary: $97, 873

      Number of job openings: 1, 167

      A systems architect is an IT professional who creates networking and computer systems. A systems architect is responsible for provisioning, configuring, and operating the network systems that form the backbone to a business. This involves offering technical support, or even research for a long-term improvement plan.

      8. User experience (UX) manager

      Median base salary: $98, 353

      Number of job openings: 263

      A UX manager heads a team of designers who improve the usability of a product.

      Vancouver Film School/flickr

      7. Information-technology (IT) program manager

      Median base salary: $98, 883

      Number of job openings: 250

      An IT program manager runs a company’s IT department.

      6. Data architect

      Median base salary: $102, 091

      Number of job openings: 1, 438

      A data architect integrates and maintains data relevant to the business. They understand how the data relates to business operations and the effects any future changes will have on the use of their data in the organization.

      5. Solutions architect

      Median base salary: $102, 678

      Number of job openings: 4, 174

      A solutions architect collaborates on projects with colleagues and is responsible for the overall design of the company’s application or product. They also meet with clients, turning requests into designs and recommending best practices.

      4. Software architect

      Median base salary: $104, 754

      Number of job openings: 1, 147

      A software architect provides a software development team with all of the tools they need to put together a great system and communicates the vision to stakeholders. They don’t have to be expert programmers — they must understand what their systems are meant to provide solutions for.

      3. Information-technology architect

      Median base salary: $105, 303

      Number of job openings: 250

      An IT architect designs ways to upgrade an organization’s computer systems.

      2. Software engineering manager

      Median base salary: $109, 350

      Number of job openings: 1, 011

      A software engineering manager heads a team of engineers that maintain and develop software.

      VFS Digital Design/Flickr

      1. Applications development manager

      Median base salary: $112, 045

      Number of job openings: 516

      An application development manager maintains business operations by planning, coordinating, and supervising all activities related to an organization’s software applications. They also maintain, support, and upgrade existing systems and applications essential to the business.

      Author: Yuri Punj


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