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      8 Top Zoom Interview Tips for Job Seekers

      Zoom Interview Tips for Job Seekers

      With the coronavirus pandemic continuing to wreak havoc, the entire world is more or less rendered homebound. In this situation it is the digital or online space that has emerged as the most powerful tool for establishing connection, be it – personal, educational, or professional.


      In the education and industry space, the most popular online platform now is Zoom which is a video-conferencing software through which you can connect remotely for video or voice-call meets with one or more individuals. Zoom has a smart-phone app for Apple or Android, and also a downloadable app for desktops or laptops.


      The platform is becoming an immensely sought after tool for business meetings as well as for remote/video job interviews. The interesting thing about Zoom is that it is completely free for job seekers.  However, there are certain things that you would need to know to make most of this app. In this article, we will share some effective zoom interview tips which will build your confidence and help you impress the hiring manager.


      Top Zoom Interview Tips for Job Seekers


      Be familiar with the platform


      Download the Zoom app before of time and ensure that you have the meeting link and access code from the employer. They are supposed to set up the meeting and share the info with you. If not, ask for it. Remember to verify your microphone, webcam, etc. to be sure that everything is working well to avoid any last-moment glitches that might lead to anxiety and possibly delay the interview.


      Like that of Skype, video can be turned on or off. However, when an employer is setting up a Zoom interview for a job, then it is understood that they would like to see you on video. Treat a Zoom interview like any other job interview through video calls, but better to be acquainted with the platform and its technology so that you feel comfortable and confident while facing the interview. And you should download the app ahead of time so that you are completely ready on the day of the interview.


      Know what to wear


      Wear the same attire as that of an in-person interview. It might depend on the industry or job-position, but the bottom line is to stick to a business outfit – like suit and tie for men and formal business attire for women. Do not opt for any loud or brightly-collared clothes. Women should avoid large earrings or danglers, lip and nail colours like pink or bright yellow. Do ensure that your clothes are wrinkle-free and look clean and new.


      Settle for a distraction-free zone


      Find a place or room in your home which is best suited for your Zoom interview. Go for a space that’s quiet and distraction-free. Do away with visual distractions like things on the floor, items on the wall behind, and such like. One painting or a picture is fine, but a dozen loudly coloured posters aren’t. Shut the windows in your room to eliminate unnecessary noise. Instruct members of the family not to knock the door during the interview.


      Double-check date, time, and time-zone


      Missing an interview because of a time-zone goof-up is extremely sad. Always remember to double-check before scheduling the Zoom interview on your calendar at the right time and on the right day. This simple step will help you avoid a lot of possible discomfitures and bother.


      Be punctual but not early


      Often hiring managers, especially those who are new to Zoom, use one “meeting room” or link for numerous interviewees. You have the chance of entering a “room” that was being used to interview someone else before you. Best is to enter the Zoom interview 2-3 minutes prior to the scheduled time.


      Speak slowly and articulately


      Practice talking slowly and articulately, for four to five days before the date of your interview. In spite of the fastest internet connection, Zoom calls can get disconnected for few moments of and on. Besides, when you talk slowly without rushing through your responses, you make much better sense for the hiring manager. Additionally, this will make you appear more relaxed and confident, which will definitely impress the hiring manager.


      Be careful about body language


      Body language often makes a difference. To make sure that you are putting up your best self, stay away from tapping your hands or feet, clenching your jaw, or doing anything that might cause distractions to the interviewer or make you look nervous. In addition to what you say, how you say it is also extremely important.


      Make you to maintain eye contact, to get this right, practice looking into the webcam as you talk, instead of staring at the video of yourself in the corner of the screen. This will make the conversation appear more real and the interviewer will feel he/she is getting to know you better. Read more about the Importance of Displaying Positive Body Image During Interviews.


      Ask for clarification if needed


      There is no harm in asking for clarification or in asking to repeat a question during the interview. This is true in case of all job interviews but particularly for video interviews.


      While it is definitely not advisable to do it ten times during the interview, but it’s absolutely fine to do it a couple of times. Asking for clarifications or for repeating questions is always better than responding to something you are not sure of.


      Other Zoom interview preparations that would be handy- 


      • Be doubly sure that everything is fully charged.


      • Put the laptop on a raised platform to avoid staring down into the camera.


      • Sit against a plain or neutral backdrop.


      • Check the light in your room.


      • Close all other applications on your system.


      • Mute the cell phone.


      • Keep a copy of your resume, pen and paper handy.


      • Stick post-its above the screen with prompts and questions you wish to ask.


      • Keep a glass of water nearby.


      • Keep the phone number of the interviewer in case the video is disconnected.


      • Thoroughly research the company profile.


      • Practice behavioral questions using C.A.R.L. (Context Action Result Learning).


      Author: Baishali Mukherjee

      Profile- An independent writer and journalist for last nine years; presently working with Education World, Entrepreneur India, and Worked as the content head for four books and have articles and features published in leading print and digital media spaces.


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