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Universities with March-April-May (Late) MS Deadlines for Fall 2019 in USA

Late Deadlines for Fall 2019 - MS in USA

It’s the end of February. So, the majority of application rounds of the US universities for Fall 2019 intake are now closed. However, there are a few more US universities still accepting applications for the Fall 2019 intake for MS in USA. In case you started late and failed to apply to the universities during December-February, or got rejections from a few schools, you could apply to these schools. The US has always been a preferred destination for Indian students for MS. With recent changes in the H1-B rules (to be effective from April 2019) preferring MS graduates, more and more candidates are going to apply to the US schools. So, here are Fall 2019 late deadlines for MS in USA.


US Universities with Late Deadlines for Fall 2019


MS in Computer Science & Engineering, MS in Data Science/Analytics, MS in Biological Sciences



UniversityMS Computer ScienceMS Bio-Sciences / Biotech / BioinformaticsMS Data Science / AnalyticsMS in Other Engineering Streams
Boston UniversityMay 1June 1April 3March 15
Clemson UniversityApril 15April 15NAApril 30
George Mason UniversityMarch 15March 15RollingMarch 15
Georgia State UniversityApril 15May-15 / Jul-01April 1Jun-01 / Jul-31
Illinois Institute of TechnologyJune 15June 15June 15June 15
Lehigh UniversityApril 1July 15April 15April 15
Mississippi State UniversityMay 1May 1NAMay 1
Northeastern UniversityMay 1June 1May-01 / Apr-15
May 1
NYUMarch 1March 1Rolling*March 1
Penn StateClosedMarch 1April 30Closed
Rochester Institute of TechnologyRollingRollingRollingRolling
Rugers State UniversityClosedApril 15March 15Closed*
San Francisco State UniversityMarch 1May 1May 15May 15
San Jose State UniversityApril 1April 1April 1April 1
UC DavisClosedApr-01 / May-01 / Jun-01March 13April 1
UC RiversideMar-01 / Mar-30
June 1NAJune 1
UC San DiegoClosedClosedApril 30Closed
UNC Chapel HillMarch 12ClosedMarch 1Mar-31 / Apr-01 / May-31
UNC CharlotteApril 1April 1Mar 1 (Priority Deadline)April 1
University of ChicagoApril 5April 1ClosedApril 1
University of DelawareJuly 1Apr-01 / Apr-15 / May-01July 1May-01 / Jul-01
University of HoustonClosedApril 1May 1Closed
University of KentuckyApril 15Mar-15 / Apr-15NAApril 15
University of MinnesotaClosedApril 1ClosedClosed
University of New HampshireApril 1RollingMarch 15Mar-15 / Apr-15
University of OklahomaApril 1Mar-01 / Mar-31RollingMar-01 / Apr-01
University of RochesterClosedClosedClosedMay 1
University of VirginiaApril 1ClosedClosedApril 1
UT ArlingtonApril 1April 1NAApril 1
UT DallasMay 1May 1May 1May 1
University of Wisconsin-MilwaukeeApril 1RollingNAApril 1


You must bear in mind that the chances of getting scholarships would be very slim when you are applying for late deadlines. But, nevertheless, you should apply to these schools if you don’t wish to wait till 2020.


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Author: Tanmoy Ray

I am a Career Adviser & MS Admission Consultant. Additionally, I also manage online marketing at Stoodnt. I did my Masters from the UK (Aston University) and have worked at the University of Oxford (UK), Utrecht University (Netherlands), University of New South Wales (Australia) and MeetUniversity (India).


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