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US Colleges Welcome Foreign Students

The United States continues to the destination for foreign students.  In fact, the number of foreign students coming to the US is surging.  According to the US Department of State’s Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs and the Institute of International Education (IIE), the number of foreign students rose 7.1% from last year with 1, 043, 839 total students.  International students now make up 5.2% of all higher education students in the US.  We at Stoodnt believe these numbers will continue to grow and that India will be a big driver behind the continuing surge.

You also might be surprised at some of the names you see on the list below.  It always pays to keep an open mind and our counselors are ready to help you all the way in this process.  Here are the Top 20 US colleges with the most foreign students enrolled:

1.  New York University – 15, 543 foreign students

2.  University of Southern California – 13, 340 foreign students

3.  Arizona State University – Tempe – 12, 751 foreign students

4.  Columbia University – 12, 740 foreign students

5.  University of Illinois – Urbana-Champaign – 12, 085 foreign students

6.  Northeastern University – Boston – 11, 702 foreign students

7.  University of California – Los Angeles – 11, 513 foreign students

8.  Purdue University – West Lafayette – 10, 563 foreign students

9.  Boston University – 8, 456 foreign students

10.  University of Washington – 8, 259 foreign students

11.  Michigan State University – 8, 256 foreign students

12.  University of Texas – Dallas – 8, 145 foreign students

13.  Penn State University – University Park – 8.084 foreign students

14.  University of Michigan – Ann Arbor – 7, 630 foreign students

15.  University of California – San Diego – 7, 556 foreign students

16.  University of California – Berkeley – 7, 313 foreign students

17.  Indiana University – Bloomington – 7, 159 foreign students

18.  Ohio State University – Columbus – 7, 117 foreign students

19.  Carnegie Mellon University – 7, 051 foreign students

20.  University of Minnesota – Twin Cities – 7, 037 foreign students

Author: Yuri Punj


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