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      Ways to Achieve Faster Career Growth

      career growth tips

      In spite of modern-day work pressures, young professionals are doing everything to the best of their abilities to contribute and achieve their professional goals. Without a doubt, to be successful in an exceptionally competitive job market, it’s best to stick to your professional forte and work your way towards more growth-oriented opportunities.

      But now the question that comes here is – Is going up the corporate ladder that easy?

      Corporate life isn’t as simple as it looks. Being excessively submissive towards your boss wouldn’t cut it. As the pro-world puts more pressure on aptitudes, you should know about the right skills to possess and make the cut. Here are a few ways by which you can achieve faster career growth with smart moves –

      1. Get management certifications

      Most companies have the promotions board which keep an eye on employees who exhibit the right skills and aptitudes to ensure company’s growth. All things considered, you can quicken your professional success by taking certification courses that fit your profession and be on the promotion board’s radar. For example, on the off chance that you are working in the IT and tech sector, you can acquire Project Management Professional (PMP) certification, which is a standout amongst the most sort-after profession in that industry.

      For this, you should get appropriate training from organizations authorized by the Continuing Professional Development Certification Service and the Project Management Institute. They guide you as per norms set by Multinational firms and the market trends.


      1. Achieve Master’s degrees

      Beside certifications, you can likewise continue educating yourself with a master’s degree. Master’s Degree programs in management can be the best approach, since they give a more extensive comprehension of the mechanisms of organisations. In terms of weightage, organisations prefer employees who have additional skills and a master’s degree with organisational esteem – Hence giving you an edge.

      In any case, you should consider the way that working towards a master’s degree demands a great deal of your time. You should go on a study leave on the off chance that you plan to complete your degree in a few years. Else, you should be patient and approach it slowly and carefully.

      One methodology you should consider is to apply for grants that your organization will support of. The selection process may take a bit long, however in the event that you fit the bill for such grants, at that point your organization should settle on promoting you to a position that matches your skillset and ranges of abilities.


      1. Work smart!

      How many of you have heard your mentors or colleagues saying this? Well, young pro’s should understand the need to work smartly, other than putting countless hours to get something done. Using and researching the available tools, technologies, and strategies to find better ways to do your work, can be extremely beneficial instead of sticking to the “work for longer hours” norm.

      A few people say that hard work is the way to excel but at times, you can work hard and still be at the same level. It will be a waste of your time if you invest a lot of energy on tasks that won’t ensure any progress, not to mention an increment too.

      Rather than showing that you are working hard, make sure to look for ways to get the job done. Management will see your ability for innovation, so they they will have to give you a higher-level task. You will need to work smart all the same. It inevitably goes to a point where your company is awed by your abilities, consequently giving them a justifiable reason to promote you.


      Author: Rohit Kapur


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