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Why Indian Students are preferring Canada over US, UK or Australia to study abroad?

Canada has now become a well-preferred destination in terms of Studying Abroad. Being an affordable country as compared to that of US, UK or Australia, Canada has started to consistently rank high among the top destinations for the international students to pursue their higher studies.

But there’s more to Canadian Universities than just being more affordable –

Quality Education and Internationally Recognized Degrees: –
Canada places a lot of importance on education and a degree acquired from the Canadian University is globally recognized.

For instance: The most favourable top 3 Universities in Canada are foreign students are-

1. McGill University

Located in Montréal, McGill has around 40, 000 students enrolled, of which 25% are international. It has the highest number of Rhodes scholars and Nobel Prize winners among any Canadian university.

2. University of Toronto

Located in Canada’s largest city, the university is famed for its research innovations, including the discoveries of insulin and stem cells. Also, it contributes CA$15.7 billion to the Canadian economy per year.

3. University of British Columbia

Located in Vancouver and Kelowna, the university’s student body of 61, 100 includes 13, 200 international students from 155 countries.

These were merely the top examples to portray the quality education in Canada. The education offered by these universities is highly valued in international job markets and the best part is that, they emphasize a lot on practical education.

One of the Most Attractive Countries to live in: –
Other than the educational factor, we have a few more reasons to add up to this-

  • Canada invests a lot in its Economic Cooperation and Development.
  • The Canadian government supports research in a number of fields including the telecommunications, agriculture, medicine, computer technology and environmental science.
  • Canada is comparatively affordable than other countries like the USA, UK, and Australia. It accommodates people from various ethnic groups.
  • The cities like Vancouver, Montreal and Toronto are the country’s largest cities and are known as accessible, safe and culturally rich cities with the beaches, restaurants, museums and more.

High employment rate: –

Canada has good job prospects and the universities boast of having more than 5000 global collaboration agreements. Since the curriculum in Canada is more industry oriented, more than 90% of the Canadian alumni are employed in less than six months after their graduation. The students already thinking about graduate jobs after study in Canada will be happy to hear that the Canadian universities maintain an excellent reputation with the employers. There are thirty universities who have been named by the local recruiters as particularly good at preparing the graduates for the workplace.

Easy Visa facilities for Foreign students: – Because of Canada’s rising status as a premiere destination for the international students, the student visa system of Canada provides greater overall accountability.

Two basic requirements:

The visa holders needs to be enrolled and pursuing a course of study at a good educational institute in order to maintain legal status.
Only the students admitted to these schools will be given visa and work permits. The work permits will be granted to the students who have enrolled for a degree, diploma or a certificate with a maximum of 20 hours of work per week.

Author: Rohit Kapur


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