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      6 Reasons Why The UK Is A Great Study Destination

      why uk is great for study

      The UK is one of the most popular study-abroad destinations in the world. In fact, this country welcomes more than 5,00,000 international students every year. The UK offers international students world-class teaching, an environment conducive to learning, and a high standard of living. This country is only behind the USA in terms of best-ranked universities in the world, as it boasts big world-renowned universities like the University of Oxford and the University of Cambridge. UK higher education degrees and qualifications are recognized by employers and academics worldwide. This allows students to get the opportunity to develop their craft, knowledge, critical thinking, and connections in order to drive forward their careers. So, if you’re wondering why study in the UK, read this paragraph again!

      Here are some more reasons why you should study in the UK –

      Shorter Course Duration

      You may ask the question, why study in the UK? One of the best answers to this question is the shorter course duration! The UK education system offers shorter course durations and more intensive courses. While you can complete an undergraduate programme in three years outside the UK, you’ll be able to finish a UK graduate programme in just one year . This not only saves your time but also a huge chunk of money spent on tuition fees and student accommodation – UniAcco is the leading student accommodation provider in the world that provides students with affordable accommodation near top universities.

      Top Ranked Universities In The World

      UK based universities have the best academic standards in the world. In fact, four out of the top 10 universities in the world are from the UK. Universities in the UK use practical and utility-based knowledge in their curriculum as opposed to text-book learning. This enables them to acquire critical thinking and analytical skills along with creative ability in their chosen discipline.

      The top universities in the UK are as follows –

      UK 2021 Rank University City
      1 University of Oxford   Oxford
      2 University of Cambridge         Cambridge
      3 Imperial College London         London
      4 University College London (UCL) London
      5 London School of Economics and Political Science           London
      6 University of Edinburgh          Edinburgh
      7 King’s College London            London
      8 University of Manchester        Manchester
      9 University of Warwick Warwick
      10 University of Bristol     Bristol

      Work While Studying

      There’s no denying that the UK is quite expensive to study in. Almost every international student relies on an education loan, scholarship and other financial aid to study in the UK. The UK has acknowledged the high cost of living for international students and fittingly, provided them with several opportunities to manage their everyday living expenses along with their studies. Students can work part-time for up to 20 hours a week during their term and full-time during their semester break. This helps them pay for their bills while also gaining industry experience in their own field of study.

      Health Benefits For Students

      All international students studying at an accredited university in the UK are entitled to free medical treatment through the National Health Service (NHS). In order to avail of this benefit, students will have to pay a small International Health Surcharge (IHS). No other country offers international students such a comprehensive health insurance plan.

      Unparalleled Quality Of Education

      The fact that four of the top 10 universities in the world are based in the UK speaks volumes about the quality of education in the UK. The Quality Assurance Agency (QAA) is an independent body in the UK that regularly assesses the education standards of all universities and colleges in the country. Besides checking their performances through audits and subject reviews, it helps identify the best education practices and sends feedback for improvisation. This ensures all students have access to the best quality of learning, research and teaching irrespective of the course they choose to pursue.

      Explore Other Countries While Studying

      By virtue of studying in the UK, students are well connected to major European countries like Spain, France, Belgium and Netherlands. This gives students an opportunity to expand their horizons by exploring other countries and experiencing different cultures. With airports being functional 24 hours, students can explore different nations while studying in the UK.

      Now that you know how awesome it is to study in the UK, live your dream of studying abroad and staying with UniAcco!

      Author: UniAcco

      UniAcco, founded in 2019, offers cross-border premium student housing so that you can follow your path to success. We focus our energies on simplicity, transparency, ease-of-use, freedom to choose, and keeping it hassle-free. Headquartered in India and having presence in the UK, US & Australia, UniAcco is a trusted partner in the business.


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